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Karmod modular hospital buildings are produced with high building safety in mind. We take intensive use, in addition to ergonomic area design and hygiene structures into consideration. With more than 30 years of experience in prefabricated structures, Karmod has undertaken several projects and keeps a strong presence in more than 120 countries around the world. Thanks to our professional expert team, our buildings are designed and manufactured according to all international standards and can have sections such as management offices, ICU’s, modular laboratories, testing areas, operation rooms, doctor and patient rooms,  bathroom and shower units.


Modular buildings in pandemic times 

Permanent — entirely new hospitals or additions to existing hospital buildings can be constructed from prefabricated modules and placed on a concrete foundation. Karmod modular medical buildings can be single story or multiple stories, and meet the same building codes as a conventionally built structure.

Karmod modules can be used as temporary, portable medical buildings. These modules are produced quickly and used for temporary purposes when there’s a surge in demand. The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is one example. Natural disasters and other infectious diseases can also result in a temporarily increased need for additional hospital space. Karmod demountable modules are designed to be easily transported, multiple times usages,  moving them by crane and truck to a different location when they’re no longer needed.

Emergency readiness — Modular buildings for healthcare purposes such as isolating and caring for patients, or for testing facilities may be stored for rapid deployment in case of a future emergency, such as a natural disaster or a second wave of coronavirus COVID-19.


Pre-fabricated Hospital Buildings for fast-track projects

Karmod is an experienced modular hospital manufacturer. With our design team, we create and offer a variety of hospital’s architectural drawings, and we can provide advice regarding site preparation and the logistics of transportation, delivery, and installation. These details will vary depending on your location and your modular hospital design.

Our timeline estimates for the construction of your prefab hospital building or other healthcare facility are much more reliable compared to the conventional construction — This is because there are no weather delays in the factory! All components of the building are prefabricated in the factory providing ready to use features. The buildings are fully insulated and include electrical and sanitary installations. We’ve been 100% on time since our founding, and pride ourselves on beating the lead time of anyone else in the industry. The prefabrication system allows you to build up to 80% faster than traditional construction times, and at affordable prices.


Modular patient rooms by Karmod prefabricated structures

Karmod Modular Hospitals, Clinics and other Healthcare Centers Buildings are pre-fabricated, outfitted and quality assured in a modern, purpose-built pre assembly facility. Our patented solutions allow the majority of building work to take place away from the main construction site, with pre-assembled parts delivered onsite and installed in ready to use condition.


Modular Medical Buildings & Healthcare Facilities

Karmod  prefabricated solutions greatly reduces the need for on-site construction and minimizes disruption and closures to surrounding areas delivering valuable commercial benefits for hospital operations and patient care. There are many benefits associated with modular buildings that make them an ideal choice for emergency response.

One of the best benefits is speed. With ready made walls of modular buildings, companies like Karmod can rapidly deploy buildings within a matter of weeks. This can be a perfect solution especially when trying to add healthcare space quickly, such as during the current Coronavirus outbreak. Construction costs, especially in large cities like Istanbul can often cause building projects to come in over budget. However, the modular construction process can lead to much more predictable (and lower long-term) costs. This ensures that a modular hospital or modular medical building project comes in under budget and in on time.


COVID-19 Modular ICUs & Hospital Rooms

Modular healthcare units allow hospital systems to establish triage and intensive care (ICU) facilities in out-lots surrounding the main hospital building.  This “remoteness” allows healthcare workers to screen and treat COVID-19 patients away from the general and potentially vulnerable population. In addition, as a virus like the Coronavirus travels, medical facilities can coordinate to share temporary healthcare facilities, since modular units are highly portable. This allows new and used modular buildings to be easily transported wherever they are needed, limiting the risk of patient exposure to general communities.

Whenever you are in need of a modular healthcare facility, you can count on Karmod quick to build solutions. We can provide you with the healthcare space that you need to respond to this crisis. Utilizing innovative modular construction techniques, we can meet your needs quickly and cost-effectively. Let Karmod focus on the construction and provide you with the best solution while you focus on the needs of your patients.

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