Completed Projects
Gold Mine Workers’ Camp Buildings, Mexico
According to Karmod, the building, which is located in the central part of Mexico, in Mazapil, will be used by the technical team and workers of the gold mine.
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Workers Camp for 1,000 people - Turaif, Saudi Arabia
Karmod Prefabrik realized the construction of site camp buildings to be used by a thousand people in Saudi Arabia.
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Algeria Airport Construction Site Project
Purpose of the building:Workers’ Camp Order quantity:15 ( 5 units of Prefabricated work site, 10 units of 2.40x12 sqm Container) Building type: Prefabricated and Container Structures...
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Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Construction Site Structures, Mersin – Turkey
construction site mobilization buildings
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EREA Simone Veil School Project - Amily, France
Karmod completed the Aurea Simone Veil school building with 10 classrooms in the city Amilly in France within a short period of 40 days.
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Karmod Produced Greenland's First Gold Mine Construction Site Structures
We produced construction site structures for the gold mine operation in Greenland, the largest island in the world, completely covered with glaciers in the north of the Atlantic Ocean.
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Manchester United, Old Trafford Stad, Ticket Sales Kiosks
Order quantity:12 Building type:Modular Demounted Panel Cabin Total size of the order:55 sqm...
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Flixbus Ticket Sales Booth in Paris, France
Karmod delivered the ticket sales cabinets of Flixbus, one of the leading companies in Europe in bus passenger transportation.
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Karmod Builds Camp in Nigeria For UN Peacekeepers
Karmod Prefabricate has set up a military camp in Nigeria for the United Nations Peacekeeping Force.
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Iraq - 1884 homes in 7 months with mass housing project
Customer Name: Iraq Ministry of Housing Purpose of the building:Housing Order quantity: 1880 units Building type:Two-Storey Prefabricated Buildings...
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2,500 Housing Project- Iraq-Suwayrah, Aziziye, Numaniye, Kut, Hay
Customer Name: Iraq Ministry of Housing Purpose of the building: Social Housing Order quantity: 2.500 units Building type:Prefabricated Building...
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Affordable Housing Project in Algeria
The Houses that were built in the Besar region, about 950 kilometers south of Algeria, will be used as lodging houses for engineers and managers to work on the construction of the hospital.
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3d Prefab Home Design
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Prefabricated Building: Innovative Building Style of Modern Architecture

The prefabricated building system, which provides countless solutions to building problems with the advantages of detail application convenience that makes the building more aesthetically pleasing, a quick production system in a short time with the use of advanced technology and fast installation on site in a short span of time, is the innovative building style of modern architecture.


Since 1986, Karmod has been producing prefabricated buildings that ensure building safety in prefabricated building industry, stand out with their ergonomics, are fast produced and can be installed on site in a short span of time with its expertise in the industry, production technology and modern production facilities. The structures prepared by Karmod with next generation prefabricated model and a demountable system are safely used in more than 120 countries today. With our next generation prefabricated buildings, we have become a solution partner for numerous large projects such as power plants, oil exploration, natural gas, mining, road construction, branded mass housing, airport constructions thanks to our production and on-site installation of prefabricated site buildings. We successfully deliver ready-to-use buildings to projects that carry importance in a short time with our many prefabricated construction site structures, especially prefabricated offices, prefabricated dormitories and cafeteria buildings, thus making a significant contribution to the timely start of projects. In addition, we prepare safe living spaces with long-lasting prefabricated structures, from individual housing to prefabricated mass housing, emergency settlement units to social facility structures, and hospitals to schools.


Weldless and Innovative Prefabricated Production System

Our structures, which we prepared with weldless bolt-nut snap-on prefabricated technology, are produced with a next generation innovative system. Bolt-nut and plug-in system makes it very easy for our demounted production structures to be easily transported within the country and between continents with all kinds of logistic means, and to make installation on site very quickly without making no room for errors. Standing out among the prefabricated building companies with its use of weldless production technology, Karmod gives its prefabricated structures long-term durability and service life by completely eliminating the corrosion caused by welding with its choice of high galvanized metal in the main carrier steel system.


Prefabricated Technologies for Modern Architectural Aesthetic Detail Solutions

The main factor that limits designers the most in classical architecture is the lack of manufacturability of the design. Special applications such as niches or protrusions that make the design aesthetic become meaningless when the building system cannot develop a solution in terms of production. The next generation prefabricated system, on the other hand, has the advantages of production detail solutions that open up as much free space as possible without limiting themselves in case of designers to reveal their skills. The prefabricated building facilitates the work of designers who love details with aesthetic touches in modern designs. Even the most intricate designs can be integrated into the structure by obtaining a one-to-one view on the special technological production line.


The Name of the Fast Production System,Prefabricated

Hundreds of square meters structures can be made ready for shipment in the same day in a single prefabricated production line thanks to the advantages of the pre-production demounted structure system. While the production of materials such as main carrier steels, sandwich panel wall blocks, roof trusses, roof coverings that make up the structure in the technological line advances, all of the other materials such as windows and doors, steel doors, electrical and water installation materials, water and lighting fixtures are packaged and made ready. After the completion of production, the prefabricated office building is then loaded into a truck or sea container, including all the materials that will be used in installation, that is used in international transportation and shipped to the site.


75 Percent Less Build-Time

Prefabricated buildings are also unmatched in terms of build-times. It is possible to install in up to 75 percent less time with the prefabricated building model compared to classical system structures. For this reason, prefabricated building companies are among the best solution partners of large projects that compete with time in terms of delivery dates. Karmod prefabricated constructions company is the choice of businesses that realize large projects with the production and installation speed gained by its expertise and technological infrastructure. The installation of prefabricated construction site buildings produced by Karmod starts immediately by the Karmod teams that are present on the day the product reaches the site. With the advantage of the plug-in system, prefabricated offices, prefabricated dining halls, prefabricated dormitories and other buildings are delivered with ready-to-use installation in a few days.


The Real Energy Saving With Prefabricated Buildings

In the prefabricated building system, the wall panels are prepared by using high-density insulation filling material between special plates. The insulation value provided by the wall panels is up to sixty percent higher than the brick or aerated concrete buildings. Insulation is further increased with special mineral wool coating applications on the roof system of the building. Prefabricated building air conditioners become very economical with their insulation values, and a noticeable saving is achieved in heating in cold weather and in air conditioning energy consumption in hot weather.


The Most Attractive Prefabricated Building Prices for Those Looking for an Alternative Building Model

For those who want to have a residence or office with modern designs, fast production, easy installation, high building security and long life, apart from classical reinforced concrete buildings, the best and the most attractive price are the prices of prefabricated buildings. With Karmod's quality assurance, you can easily own buildings of any size and design with attractive prefabricated prices in a short time, whether single or multi-storey.


Prefabricated Offices for Modern Working Environments

Especially in private sector or public administration buildings, prefabricated offices are among the preferred building models in many areas, Especially in building investment, smart investors who want to have both the building finance budget and an office in a short time are turning to prefabricated office buildings. Because the construction times of prefabricated buildings take place in a shorter time, up to 75 percent, compared to other building styles. Moreover, prefabricated office prices are also very attractive. Office building constructions that take months in classical traditional building models can be prepared in days with this innovative building style. While the wall blocks, roof, doors and windows of the building are prepared with the use of full material without wasting in all of the technological pre-production stages, the electrical and water installation materials are shipped to the site in exact quantities in accordance with the project details. For this reason, perfabricated structures are manufactured with a waste-free production system. This situation is reflected in the prefabricated office prices as an advantage, and the office construction cost goes down in favor of the customers who prefer it. Another advantage brought by the construction in a short-time is that the office is put into operation in a much shorter time and also reduces the average office building depreciation expenses. If you need a large number of workplaces such as a management building or a sales office, choose Karmod and do not worry about your office. Get your ready office from 50 square meters to multi-storey large quantities in a short time with the most attractive prices.


Prefabricated Site Buildings for You to Realize Your Project on Time

With its experience and expertise in the prefabricated building industry, Karmod becomes an excellent solution partner with the production of prefabricated construction site buildings for many prominent construction projects from energy to mining, road construction to airports. We make an important contribution to eliminating the deadline pressure on the big construction companies, which are the contractors of public projects, with our ready-to-use on-time structures.

Our solutions for construction site buildings that we produce with Karmod quality assurance include many prefabricated construction site buildings.such as; management and technical office buildings, perfabricated dormitory and dining hall buildings, human resources and occupational safety offices, construction site health building facility structures, laundries, canteen and social facility equipment areas, special storage hangars and wc shower units.



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