What are prefabricated buildings?

Prefabricated buildings are transportable modular buildings that are used in many different places. There are several usage areas of prefabricated buildings. They are structures that can be used everywhere from school to social housing projects, from cabins to summer houses, with their easy transportation, easy installation and economic costs. For example, prefabricated school buildings are ideal choice for an education building that should be completed in a short time. Prefabricated buildings for sale is the best choice for a summer house, which can reflect your own style in both interior and exterior designs, is ready to use with everything and has an economical cost. You can also have solid office buildings that you can use for many years by choosing prefab steel buildings and prefab metal buildings for your office building, which should be used for many years. Prefabricated buildings that you can use in the construction area are the most suitable structures you can use in the needs such as shelter of personnel and dining hall. You can choose small prefabricated buildings or prefabricated office buildings for the counseling office or the chalet in a remote area. It is possible to find prefabricated portable buildings for every request.


When you prefer prefab buildings, you do not have to wait for the construction period, which can be delayed for months due to weather conditions and various reasons. At the same time, when you want to move your building to another region, prefabricated portable buildings provide convenience with their transportable structures. They are fully recyclable at the end of their life time. With almost zero maintenance construction you can use prefabricated buildings for years without any problem. If you’re interested in building prefabricated modular buildings, you aren’t limited by in terms of aesthetic too. You may just have to choose a particular type of prefabricated buildings based on your style preferences. But you can make the interior and exterior design exactly the way you want. Prefab buildings for sale can become a product that can be personalized by the customer, just like you are buying a car.


They are sustainable and environmentally friendly build. They can be single storey and two storey. In electric installation and sanitary system of prefabricated buildings TSE certified materials are used. All glass that are used for prefabricated portable buildings windows are 4 + 16 + 4 double glazed, and for transom frosted glass is used. With the steel used in its structure, prefabricated steel buildings is suitable for 1st degree earthquake conditions. With the materials used in its structure, they can be useful for 4 seasons.


From Iraq to Nigeria, from Venezuela to Turkey, Karmod, which has signed tens of projects in many continents and countries, provides you the best solution for prefabricated buildings. With its experience since 1986, Karmod modular buildings are existing in about 90 countries around the world. A professional team of engineers and architects join their efforts to present unique ergonomic designs that fit all places and all requirements. Today Karmod is proud to have booked its place among world’s leading modular building manufacturers. Our extensive range of prefabricated buildings solutions are used as permanent or temporary buildings in health care facilities, oil and gas worksite, schools, hospitals, Military buildings, Tourist villages, offices and many other areas. Our customers’ feedback and the hundreds of projects we have completed worldwide are the source of our success.

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