With prefabricated houses that have a steel structure, you will have a house that you can safely use for many years. You can use it on all kinds of land, as a summer house, as a winter house, as a chalet or even as your permanent living spaces. If you are dreaming of a living space surrounded by nature, away from the noise of the city, if you have a land you want to make use of an opportunity, these prefab houses are just for you! The areas such as living room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom can be planned according to your wishes in the houses that can be produced in harmony with any land. There may even be 2-storey prefabricated houses where you can have multiple balconies, a terrace if you wish, and have facilities such as a garage if desired. With these earthquake-resistant structures that are compatible with all seasons, you will have peaceful and comfortable living spaces where you can collect beautiful memories with your loved ones.

Karmod Steel Frame Prefab House Is The Best!

Karmod, which has been preferred by tens of leading companies in more than 90 countries with its state-of-the-art production systems and expert engineers and architects since 1986, is also preferred with its steel frame prefab house. We design high-quality single-storey and two-storey prefabricated houses and villas with the highest quality, and bring them together with the most economical prices. The steel frame prefab house, which we produce in our 20.000 square meter facilities with 30 years of experience, has a much higher quality than its counterparts and has much more affordable prices.


While offering comfortable living spaces, you can shape the interior and exterior designs of prefab houses, which allows you to do this at the most affordable costs. Karmod prefabricated houses are designed and produced by considering the geographical and climatic conditions of the region where they will be delivered, and thus, they can be used safely in four seasons. They are structures that you can safely use with your loved ones for many years. It is very environmentally friendly compared to reinforced concrete structures. It provides perfect sound and heat insulation with its 10 cm thickness, high density EPS insulation and Izocam application placed on the wall panels and roof. Besides quality production, Karmod is always with you with its after-sales expert teams. Prefab houses are guaranteed and you can contact at any time in any possible problem. On your private plot; Karmod will be your best choice in terms of professionalism and trust if you want to have a prefabricated house with a modern building architecture on your land, environmentally friendly designs according to your expectations and the project, as well as with the appropriate budget. It will honor us to serve you all the time.

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