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Since 1986, Karmod has been providing affordable, quality prefab homes for all lifestyles. Come discover our amazing mobile, prefabricated and manufactured homes and We specialize in building custom, highly energy-efficient prefab homes at a competitive price and delivering to rural areas, We have 30's of floor plans available to help you get fast initial direct pricing. We forward meaningful prices upon your request. Prefab homes are residences built in a controlled factory environment in sections, or modules, and then transported to the construction site. Because our manufactured and prefab homes are built in environmentally protected building centers by skilled and experienced craftsmen who are dedicated to satisfying customers with a strong, well-built prefab home, we don't experience the same weather delays and material theft and waste that traditional prefab home construction faces.


The Best Eco-Friendly Prefabricated Homes

Karmod’s Prefab homes are making it easier for you to achieve your goal of new homeownership. Prefabricated Homes has a professional staff with more than 35 years of combined experience in the modular and manufactured home business, as well as real estate, manufactured homes financing, general contracting, and sales.


What Are Prefabricate Homes?

A prefabricated house is any house that is built wholly or partly off-site or from prefabricated components off-site. The term prefabricated house generally includes any significantly pre-constructed house, including:

Karmod’s panelized prefab homes and design process allow you to design and build the home you want anywhere in the world and internationally.

Today, the term Prefabricated House, and especially the term Modern Prefabricated House, generally refers to modernist, architecturally designed houses built from modular or penalized components. These Modernist prefabricated houses are often characterized by ultra-high energy efficiency design and features, as well as environmentally friendly and safe building materials and methods.

Although many modern prefab houses focus on high design and super-green high-performance features, much of the potential of prefab houses lies in the potential for cost and time savings.


Affordable Green Prefab Homes

The advantages offered by modern factory conditions allow for improved house components and details - such as ultra-high wall insulation and rain protection walls, and ultimately better and more efficient construction of prefabricated houses. Factory-made prefabricated house components also significantly reduce on-site construction time, significantly reducing the need for labour.

All of these and other advantages might make the concept of modular, prefabricated homes more real. Currently, only a small percentage of new homes are built as modular, prefab or panelized prefab homes. However, given the numerous benefits and substantial labor savings, this might soon change.

Prefab homes are a relatively inexpensive way to buy a new home without long construction delays. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about prefab homes, including the pros and cons, prefab home prices, and more.


Prefabricated Home specialist

Prefabricated houses are everywhere: we build houses all over the European Union and beyond. As the demand for new prefabricated homes grows, the search for the most effective way to solve problems usually leads to research into factory assembly methods. By combining the best factory methods with building components that are best built off-site, the result is a synergy of high-quality, high-value structures built in half the time of traditional methods, without compromise.


We strive to provide you with a quality, value-for-money service. Our team of highly qualified experts has many years of experience. Above all: they love to plan, design, build and look after your project. We add value to every interaction.

Every detail of every Karmod prefabricated house is carefully designed to create a true connection between our people and our planet. This means we design homes that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. We design homes that foster closer relationships between people. We create homes that live in harmony with nature. Karmod prefabricated homes are built to have a profound impact on people's lives. We believe that the whole world should be built this way.


Countries we export prefabricated homes :

North America: United States, Canada

Europe: United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Malta, Caribbean, France:

Caribbean: Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, Guyana,

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Micronesia, Vanuatu, Kiribati

Asia: India, Pakistan, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia

Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Rwanda, Sudan, Botswana, Ethiopia


Prefab Homes Saves money

Routine materials and efficient work are synonymous with excellent product prices. With us everything is affordable! Save up to 35% compared to traditional construction. Skip the delays and change orders that cost you money and hassle. Enjoy your dream, and experience a fear-free construction process. Our prefabricated homes create an environment optimized for efficiency. With minimal heat loss or gain, you maintain consistent temperatures with little effort. With net-zero construction, we minimize the carbon footprint and create a healthier, greener atmosphere in your neighborhood.


Prefabricated houses basically refer to a kit with some of the components for building a house.  The difference is in what materials are included.  There is no standardised list of what is included, allowing you to call it a prefabricated home kit. Some include finishing materials such as kitchens, siding, windows, doors, etc., while others provide plans and wood structure.

Karmod Modular's Rapid Response Team is ready to help families in coastal areas affected by hurricanes. With 35 years of experience, our team rebuilds beach houses quickly and cost-effectively. As with all our modular homes, they are customisable to your needs.


Custom designed, high end prefabricated homes

Karmod offers a wide range of multi-family designs, from unique duplex and triplex to townhouses, condominiums, apartments, & dormitories. If our standard plans will not work for your project, our Sales and Engineering Departments will be happy to work with your architect to design units to suit your needs.


Karmod Prefab Homes and Land Company provides the plans, engineering, energy and environmental codes appropriate to the slab building system.  This allows our customers to personalise and customise their homes by choosing their own finishing materials.  You are not limited to a specific selection.  You can choose your own windows, doors, siding, cabinets, flooring, etc. from local suppliers.


Prefabricated panelized home packages, as Karmod supplies, provide the best efficiencies in building for cost and quality control which help you design and buildReduced Overall Cost – In general, building a modular or prefabricated home will save money – depending greatly on your location and the availability of prefab homes products in your market. The greatest cost benefit of building prefab is seen in areas with very high costs of home construction,

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