Comfortable and contemporary modular accommodation.

Karmod Modular buildings is a well-know trusted solution partner of some of Turkey and Europe’s largest construction companies, providing both prefabricated permanent and temporary site accommodation, site offices, dining halls, restrooms, storage units, recreation areas and so on. Our prefab modular accommodation buildings stand out for their fast production, easy transportation and practical installation features. In addition, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies offer great advantages of high quality modular buildings at affordable prices-  Safety and security are paramount on a construction site, which is why each of our modular buildings has controlled access and anti-vandal features.


Top-quality modular site accommodation and exceptional service as standard.  You can rely on Karmod - site accommodation experts to get your stand-alone anti-vandal site cabins or a consistent prefabricated modular complex for your workforce housing solution.

We create versatile, single and multi-storey prefabricated dormitory buildings of any size, providing extensive office and welfare facilities for large-scale construction projects with the prefabricated modular building system. We offer high-quality working environments for small 25-50 person man camps to large full service complexes accommodating over 2000 workers.


High quality Karmod prefabricated buildings are entirely designed and built according to all international standards. Modular sleeping facilities are an excellent option for building and development sites in more remote areas or where staff work for several days a week. The possibility for your workforce to stay overnight eliminates travelling costs and time lost to traffic during commutes.


Residential and sleeping modular accommodation

In the commercial sector, individual and practical employee accommodation is used. You can ask your builder about private "Modular home solutions". The freely selectable interior size, friendly room layout, the cosy kitchens and the sanitary facilities contribute to the individuality of the employee accommodation. You receive temporary or permanent modular residential and sleeping accommodation for a wide variety of uses. This can create both an individual space solution for you and employee accommodation for your staff. All rooms have their own sanitary area. The freely selectable size of the internal space, friendly room layout, the cosy kitchen and the sanitary facilities contribute to the individuality of the mobile space solution.


Site Accommodation, Prefab Modular Buildings

Karmod Prefabricated and Modular Buildings and made of energy efficient well insulated walls, roof and floor. The standardised modular spaces in panel construction systems can be easily combined as required to create different sized residential and sleeping accommodation units. These modular buildings units include, among other things, dining areas, recreation rooms or sports zones of all sizes. Disabled-access sanitary facilities (hand wash basins, WCs) and even changing rooms are also available for you.


Reliable, Affordable Oilfield Lodging and Housing Solutions for Job Sites

Discover the Benefits of Quality Oilfield Lodging

Karmod is a premier workforce housing solution provider for the energy, oil and gas industries. Providing safe, comfortable housing units for your workforce crews is essential to achieve a better performance on the job. We have provided housing solutions to big construction companies in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and South America. Contact us now and get the best modular accommodation buildings for your project at affordable prices!


We offer 1 or 2 bedroom accommodation units that meet and exceed all building regulation requirements. Our modular buildings are designed and built for warmth and comfort offering unique levels of quality and comfort in temporary and permanent accommodation. As one of Turkey and Europe s leading commercial modular construction companies, Karmod can build pretty much anything you need and anywhere you need it. Our modular structures are designed to be permanent or completely relocatable, giving you added flexibility to scale up or down, or even turn a camp no longer in use into a lasting community legacy somewhere else.

Our buildings are created with bedrooms and private washrooms with hotel quality finishes, practical connectivity, and many amenities like commercial kitchens and dining, recreation facilities, and entertainment lounges.

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