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As Karmod, we completed and delivered the world's largest prefabricated mass housing project in a record time of 7 months. Within the project, 1,884 ready-made houses were produced and assembled in Iraq. Due to the destructions caused by the war, Iraq needs a lot of housing. Planning for mass housing production was made by the Iraqi central government and our company, which has been producing housing with its expertise in prefabricated ready-made houses since 1986, was contacted by the Governor of Baghdad and negotiations began for the production of the houses. After positive negotiations, the project was designed and successfully completed with the experience of our projects in 120 countries of the world. In the giant project, in which more than a thousand prefabricated houses were produced in a short period of 7 months, a huge new city area was established in different cities of Iraq. Social areas are also included in the city, which consists of prefabricated houses. The project includes a large social facility area with educational buildings, health facilities, gymnasium and shopping centers. The Iraq mass housing project is the largest prefabricated housing project ever realized.

The economic prefabricated affordable housing project designed and produced in Turkey by Karmod is one of the projects we have realized in the sector for more than 30 years. Instant transportation, attractive designs, economical prices and fast installation advantages are the most preferred reasons for Karmod prefabricated system. Our Prefabricated House designs are pre-production in the factory environment, reducing the on-site working cost and providing fast delivery and installation. In home design, Wall panel fabrication and pre-assembly reduces lead times and keeps costs to a minimum. The most important factor that keeps the cost to a minimum is the perfectionist approach brought by factory production. We believe that every project we undertake improves us and we know that working together is important.


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