Efficient and Affordable Containers

With our understanding of quality and collective experience throughout the years, we have provided countless state-of-the-art container services since 1986. For a long time, as Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we have been prioritizing building safety in all our works. Ensuring a safe and productive workspace, we also increase our efficiency by implementing Using latest technologies, our wide variety of containers are prepared with streamlined efficiency that allowed us to expand our network and constantly upgrade our way of service.

Energy-Saving Portable Containers

As seen in the videos above, next-generation containers take an important place in the future of practical accommodation. All of our container products are made with weldless bolt-nut system that is safer than most welded systems thus increasing the life expectancy of our containers to a greater extent. Also, with the usage of sandwich panel in walls and roof panel system, energy savings can be achieved regardless of the season and weather condition. We are aware how hard it can be to manage funds and carry out project at the same time. That is why we produce our containers to be as affordable as possible while maintaining quality and provide significant contributions to the project management. Our containers can be used as offices, WC units, construction site buildings, shower units, dormitories, and other types of accommodation buildings. Despite being completely reusable and durable, our containers are cost-efficient, portable, and fully customizable. Meaning, they are significantly cheaper than their competitors or permanent buildings, they can be transferred to another place with ease thanks to their demountability and they can be fully customized before delivery. Their demountability feature also allows them to be shipped overseas easily and have them installed quickly on site with Karmod staff present at the location thus reducing the pollution and minimizing the possible disturbance that may happen during the installation process.


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