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When simplicity and time saving was preferred as a priority in modern construction technology, the orientation towards factory production in buildings increased. Fast production and installation increase productivity regardless of other cost parameters. Labor force, changing economic and political conditions are the most important obstacles to the realization of long-term projects. Traditional construction techniques have been largely replaced by factory-made products, as they require high labor and are not sustainable. Containers allow the installation of buildings of almost any size, from small-scale buildings to large houses. Containers, which have been used for many years in ship transportation, can be transported more easily with the new generation system. Many buildings, from office buildings to security cabins that you may encounter in daily life, consist of containers. Shipping containers have emerged to facilitate transportation, and their applications in the field of architecture have also been developed over time. Containers are used in many industries, from ticket booths produced for the accommodation of a single person to construction site structures that provide accommodation for thousands of workers.

Standard or customized options are preferred according to the industry in which the structures will be used and the conditions of use. At first glance, you may think that containers with a wide range of products should be produced as customized. However, standard models have been produced over time, taking into account the needs and user experiences. Extremely comfortable products offer a long-lasting user experience. Portable structures are a solution for fast production and installation. Temporary use is common, but they can also be used permanently. Buildings produced to be resistant to different weather conditions can also be built in the desired location. Construction sites are mostly far from residential areas and are projects where the cost of traditional style construction will be high. Therefore, portable buildings are the most suitable solution for construction sites. As Karmod, we manufacture and deliver containers worldwide. We provide services in every industry needed, from shower cabins to mass housing projects.


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