New Generation Living Areas: Construction Buildings

Today, with the advancement of technology, Prefab Construction has gained great importance in today's world that a product can be produced as easily and quickly as it is quality, Prefab Construction is portable and it can be moved easily and quickly. At the same time, apart from this fast and easy production and transportation, searches for environmentally friendly building design and production methods have increased due to increasing environmental pollution. Construction Buildings, which are the products of this search, are produced much easier and faster than reinforced concrete structures and can be shipped very easily because they are portable. When the usage period ends in one place, it can be moved to another place easily. Prefab Constructions are also one of the modular buildings.


Construction Buildings form the next generation living spaces of the future with dozens of advantages. We can see Construction Buildings products in every area from construction to health. For example, Construction Buildings are an excellent choice for housing technical personnel and workers in construction sites. It is quite possible with Construction Buildings to build large construction sites that can be used safely in long-term constructions within a very short period of time such as weeks, where thousands of staff are located and that will be used safely in four seasons. You can choose one of these prefab house buildings for your chalet, highland house, summer house or permanent living spaces. In addition, Construction Buildings can be designed and produced for shorter projects. Emergency living units, field hospital are some of the areas where these structures are used. Construction Buildings in social facilities and public spaces provide very practical solutions. While Construction Buildings, which can be used in ticket sales points, management offices, public wc's, can be used safely for many years, it is also very economical.

What are the Advantages of Construction Buildings?

The Construction Buildings, which are increasingly used all over the world, have many advantages. So what are these advantages?

- Production of Prefab Constructions is completed within weeks in the factory environment. In this way, long periods of construction time is not expected like in reinforced concrete buildings. Construction Buildings do not harm the environment ecologically during the construction period as in reinforced concrete buildings and do not create noise pollution like noise.

- When manufactured as disassembled, on-site installation is provided by Karmod teams who are experts in their fields and delivered ready for use.

- Construction Buildings are durable structures that can be used for a long time with quality materials used in their structure.

- Prefab Constructions  is very economical compared to reinforced concrete and other building types. You don't have to allocate big budgets to own a house.

- Maintenance costs of Prefab Constructions are very low compared to reinforced concrete buildings.

- They can be produced in compliance with the 1st degree earthquake zones.

- They are resistant to fire with fireproof class materials used in the structure.

- When the usage period ends in one place, you can easily ship Construction Buildings to another place thanks to its disassembled structure.

- It has the possibility of safe use in four seasons.

- Prefab Constructions have high heat and sound insulation.

As Karmod, we have been working since 1986 to provide the most appropriate, highest quality and most economical solutions in every field from construction to health. Produced with more than 30 years of experience and expert teams, Karmod Construction Buildings products are preferred in more than 90 countries all over the world. You can look at our Construction Building products that are choice of Turkey and the world's leading companies and you can contact us for more information.

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