Ministry of Finance Service Site Office Buildings - Istanbul, Turkey

Ministry of Finance Service Site Office Buildings - Istanbul, Turkey
Ataşehir Ministry of Finance Service Building Site Office Buildings - Ataşehir - Istanbul, Turkey
Made by: T.C. The Ministry of Finance
Contractor: Mustafa Ekşi İnşaat Ltd. Sti. 
Porpuse of Use: Worker Site Building and Site Management Office
Number of Buildings: 2 Units ( 2 Storey)
Construction Model: New Generation Container
Total Footage: 1.156
Capacity: 256 Worker
Project Year: 2018
Duration: 25 days
Construction of the Ministry of Finance Ataşehir Service Building is continuing at full speed. It will be opened in the near future. Karmod realized the production and installation of office and construction worker camp buildings to be used in the construction of the service building with a size of 72.500 square meters.

The construction sites prepared by the New Generation Container model were prepared as two separate blocks of two floors. Buildings were established for the use of the bloint office building, the office of the responsible engineer, the meeting room, the work safety team and other personnel.

The other two-storey blocs were prepared by designing some of the lower floors as dining halls and other areas as dormitories. 3x7 meter units were shipped to the construction site as dismantled containers were assembled in place on the expert teams of Karmod. All the details were considered for the comfort of the workers who would use more than 250 staff. Sandwich panel wall and roof model Karmod has the best climate in the next generation container space. With this feature, it can be used without being affected by cold winter conditions or hot climate. Karmod container with completely unstable system stands out with its unique advantages with respect to comfort, isolation and many other projects without deformation.

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