Military Sewing Camps - Madani, Sudan

Military Sewing Camps - Madani, Sudan

Karmod has builded a prefabricated military clothing factory for the purpose of meeting the uniforms of Sudan Army. 

Made by: Group Impex
Porpuse of Use: Labors Dormitory
Number of Buildings: 2 Units ( 2 Storey)
Construction Model: Prefabricated Building
Total Footage: 1.052 m2
Capacity: 150 labors
Project Year: 2014
Duration: 32 days

Karmod builded the labors dormitory of military clothing factory in Sudan. Karmod has delivered dormitory and messhall fort he purpose of meeting needs of  more than 150 labors working in the military clothing factory established in Madani, Northern for  the purpose of meeting the military uniforms of  Sudan Army.

In terms of international labor camp standards, Karmod has executed the installation of a total of 1052 m2 of buildings, consisting of two blocks of two stories for only 30 days . 

Prefabricated construction sites and office facilities are preferred all over the world due to the price advantages brought by the possibility of production and installation in a short time. Buildings made by Karmod have insulated walls and roofing features, providing high insulation in hot or cold weather conditions.  The prefabricated labor camp buildings made by Karmod in Sudan were developed for long-term use.
All dormitory, cafeteria, and the other facilities are being used by labors from Bangladesh, India, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

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