10 Steel Construction Schools Project at Bitlis

10 Schools Project Across Villages of Bitlis – Bitlis, Turkey


Intended Use:  Village Elementary School
Building Model:  Prefabricated Building
Number of Building:  10
Total Lenght in Metres:  8 Two Classrooms + 1 Lodgement / 2 One Classroom + 1 Lodgement
Year of the Project:  2010
Completion Time:  75 days


Karmod completed and delivered 10 prefabricated schools to various districts of Bitlis. Prefabricated schools produced by Bitlis Directorate of National Education were installed Uckardes village that belong to the center and various villages that belong to Mutki, Hizan, Adilcevaz and Guroymak districts.


Villages where new prefabricated schools were installed by Karmod are: Catalerik and Catalsogut villages that belong to Mutki district, Uckardes village that belong to the center, Gayda and Suruculer villages that belong to Hizan district, Aglak hamlet, Esenkiyi village that belongs to Adilcevaz district, Gedikli and Kekliktepe villages that belong to Guroymak district.


The prefabricated schools were projectized according to the current number of students. Also teacher lodgements were built in the project considering the problem of not finding livable housing in villages. Two of the schools that were delivered by Karmod compose of two classrooms an done lodgement. The other 8 school buildings compose one classroom and one lodgement.

Durable Karmod prefabricated village schools are produced as 40 degrees cold resistant considering hars winter conditions at the area.


The School Problem in Disaster and Forest Villages is Being Solved with Prefabricated Schools

Prefabricated village schools that are built in various villages across Bitlis made a big contribution to closing the gap of school in villages where construction conditions are harsh. Because these villages where the schools are built compose of disaster and forest villages, it is very difficult to build a building with the traditional methods like reinforced concrete. For this reason, prefabricated schools that has pre-production and can be installed on site, eased the solution of the problem. Our teams brought the villages together with their schools by installing the schools having 2 classrooms and 1 lodgement at each school in only 5-6 days. With this beautiful project, we brought 10 seperate Bitlis villages together with their schools in a short time. The schools will make a big contribution to the education of the new generation in the villages for at least 40 years.

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