Primary and Secondary Steel School Building in Istanbul

Primary and Secondary Steel School Building in Istanbul

Purpose of use: Primary and secondary school building

Number of buildings: 2 floors

Building Model: Steel System

Total area: 1.960 m2

Capacity: 19 classrooms and other school facilities

Project Year: 2019

Completion time: 72 days.


In 72 days, we completed the project of building the first School of steel, designed according to the new Regulation on earthquakes in Turkey.

Karmod completed and delivered the school building from earthquake-resistant steel in 72 days. The school, which includes 19 classes, was the first in Turkey to be designed and built in accordance with the new Regulation on earthquakes.

Both teachers and children enthusiastically started their studies in this extremely earthquake-resistant building in the Yaila Sultangazi district of Istanbul. Thanks to the experience and good organization and coordination of the Karmod team, the entire process, from the preliminary preparation of a two-story school building with an area of ​​960 square meters, to complete readiness, took a recordly short time of 72 days.

The building was named after Nadida Ahmet Tyutyuncuoglu, it performs the functions of primary and secondary schools.

The process of building the school is as follows: The additional building in the garden of the Hamit Sureya Eremsel School was so damaged that it could not be used anymore. As a result of the demolition of the dangerous building at the beginning of the new school year, a need for a new school building had appeared.

The leadership of the municipality of the Sultangazi district entrusted Karmod with the construction of a new school building. Karmod, thanks to accurate planning of production and installation, taking into account experience in the construction of educational buildings, finished the school before the end of half of the first semester. The fact that a safe building of this size could be built in such a short period of time was received with enthusiasm also by the parents whose children attend other schools.

The building was constructed in accordance with the recently published Earthquake Regulations using a steel network system, thus creating a school with a high level of safety.

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