Our Cabin Products Are in Use as Shopping Bazaar in Sudan

Marketplace and Shopping Bazaar – Khartoum, Sudan
 Porpuse of Use:  Retail Stores
 Construction Model:  CTP Cabin, 270x270 cm
 Number of Buildings:  20
 Total Area:  145 m2
 Duration   5 days
 Project Year  -


Our cabin products, which are mostly defined as "Security Booth" by the public due to their usage preference, were preferred as a shopping bazaar in the marketplace in Sudan. Our buildings located in a central square in the capital Khartoum, designed as a bazaar and 20 shops, each of which will display different products, were set up and made ready for use in a short span of time. The market area, where the 270x270 kiosk cabin model is used, continues to serve customers who come to the market for shopping every day.


Karmod kiosk cabin offers an extremely economical and practical solution for the market areas serving every day with its movable pre-sale glass, maximum width of interior space according to the size of the building, and shelves that facilitate product placement.


With the modular cabin and panel system that has the advantage of combined installation, sales kiosks with multi-purpose features of up to 50 m2 are prepared. Kiosk cabins are preferred for many purposes such as grocery stores, butchers, dried fruits, bakery products, dairy products, shops in the marketplaces, as well as restaurants, cafes.


The modular cabin prepared with pre-production in modern facilities can be used in a short time without the need for other building materials in where the cabin has deployed. The ready-made sub-chassis of the building is laid at the place of use, the wall panels and roof panels are brought together, and the assembly is completed by screwing. Since the electrical installations of our polyester cabin structures are completed in pre-production with a ready-made project, there is no need for an extra application in the electrical installation in the location where the cabin will be installed. The kiosk cabin can be energized by making the main current connection to the junction box placed on the upper part of the rear panel outside the cabin.


Our cabin products with high insulation, extremely spacious areas of use are used in many countries of the world for office, store, construction site worker camp, security point service and even for residential purposes.

Karmod Cabin products serve as construction site worker camps in many African countries with warm climates such as Eritrea, Senegal, Sudan, and Mauritania. With its well-insulated panel system and easy air conditioning feature, our buildings are named Ice Cabin by the workers.


Our products, which are generally shipped ready-to-use assembled to nearby countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Georgia, and Greece, can also be shipped in disassembled form due to the ease of transportation. Our disassembled products can be easily installed ready-to-use, within the span of time expressed in hours depending on the size of the structure. 

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