Resort Houses at Cibuti for Sheraton Group

Sheraton Group Resort House Project, Cibuty


Intended Use:  Sheraton Group Resort Houses
Building Model:  Light Steel System 
Number of Building:  4 Blocks
Total Lenght in Metres:  316 m2
Year of the Project:  2019
Completion Time:  45 days


We built resort houses at East Africa Country Cibuti for Sheraton, leading group of the World in hotel chain. The steel houses that were produced with Karmod steel system building model and sent to the country have been delivered as ready for use. The steel houses prepared in Karmod facilities with pre-production and modern technology are being easily delivered to the every region of the world and installed without any building material. Steel construction system ready houses provide convenience for housing projects specially in the regions where construction opportunities are restricred. Advantage of fast installation makes a big contribution to converting financiers’ investment budgets into immediate profit by ensuring them to service in a short time.

Production of the steel houses consisting of 4 housing within the Sheraton Cibuti project has been made with the Karmod expertness.


The light steel construction system 4 houses in hotel campus at Arta district of Cibuti city have been installed and made ready for use in a short time like 45 days by Karmod teams. Each of the ready houses that are proper for the house format with a detached garden has 79 square meters are and two bedrooms. The housings located in Sheraton group Cibuti hotel campus are servicing as resort hotel.


Sheraton Cibuti Hotel is located in a safe area next to the old diplomatic zone. Cibuti Hotel located in Tadjourah Gulf is walking distance to the city centre. The distance between the hotel and Cibuti airport is only 10 minutes and the hotel is among the safest hotels of the country. The main hotel is hosting its guest in 185 comfortable rooms furnished luxuriously. The water pool are used in a way that create a visual feast in environment monitoring.


In the resort houses Karmod built in their hotel campus, special guests will be served. It is aimed for the guests to accommodate like in their own homes in these private housing prepared in a special concept with detached garden. The guests will feel themselves more special with the resort house doors opening to the garden and being interwined with green both visually and in mood.

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