School for Refugees, Jordan

School of Refugees, Jordan
Use Purpose: Education of Syrian Refugee Children
Number of Buildings: 6
Construciton Model: Prefabricated Panel System 
Total Quantity: 432 
Capacity: 295 Students
Project Year: 2018
Completion Time: 14 days

We have built school buildings for Syrian refugee children who sought refuge with the war victims in Jordan. Nearly 300 students can study in the same school building in Zaatari Kaype, one of the largest camps for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

According to UNICEF reports, 4.3 million Syrian children are deprived of their right to education due to war. It is stated that the number of children in the age of education living outside the country is estimated to be 730 thousand.

Schools we build in Jordan for the education of Syrian children have good isolation, ergonomic classrooms and long-lasting school comfort. Another important feature of our school facilities is that they can be used in a short period of time. We were able to deliver 6 school buildings that we prepared within the scope of this project in just 14 days. In our Syrian refugee school project, there are 4 units with 42 square meters each and 2 units of 132 square meters building groups.

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