Modular School Project in Malta

Modular School, Zejtun - Republic of Malta


 Intended Use:  School (Claire School Additional School Building)
 Building Model:  New Generation Container
 Number of Building:  Two-storey two blocks
 Total Lenght in Metres:  386 m2
 Year of the Project:  2019
 Completion Time:  13 days


As Karmod, we keep producing school buildings in Europian countries. After Simone Veil School that we built in 40 days with our new generation model, we signed another school project in Malta now too.  With container school building built in the Zejtun city of Malta Republic which is an island country in the south of Italy in Mediterranean we brought additional classrooms to Claire Collage.


Consisting of 2 bloks and each of them two-floored 8 classroomed Clarie Collage Container School buildings are delivered in as little as 13 days. The construction of the School project was held under the responsibility of the Malta Future Schools Foundation.  The foundation Aware of the prefabricated school buildings that we have constructed in France and similar countries contacted with Karmod. The information such as the purpose of the school, the capacity of students and teachers and the number of classroom needed were received by our Foreign Trade Team. Received request information was evaluated together with the Technical Office and two separate buildings consisting of two blocks suitable for the existing land where the school will be projected were offered to our customer and the project approval was obtained.


After the approval, the pre-production of Container School Building started.After production the components of the buildings were sent to Malta via maritime container transport. The montage crew which were available there started the construction in line with the project on the day the components arrived. The construction of the two separated container school building were completed in 13 days and delivered ready to use. After another successful organisation we lived the happiness of the completition 2 blocked container school more which are 386 square meters in total and each consisting of 193 square meters.

Our New Generation Container model will continue to produce solutions in state buildings in Europian countries with its many superiorities such as long life feature, high thermal  isolation and quick set up.

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