Istanbul Marina Residential Construction Site Project

IstMarina Shopping Center, Istanbul


 Intended Use:  Construction site buildings of IstMarina projects
 Building Model:  New Generation Container
 Number of Building:  3 (each of them are three-storey)
 Total Lenght in Metres:  2355 m2
 Year of the Project:  2024
 Completion Time:  35 days


We have been the choice of construction site buildings of Kartal IstMarina projects, one of the most prestigious shopping centers of Istanbul. Emlak Konut DAP-IstMarina Shopping Center construction site project have rised with our new generation container construction site buildings.


Three blocks container containing construction site buildings that will be used in Istanbul Marina (Kartal IstMarina) project by DAP Construction in Emlak Konut’s land where old Yunus Cimento factory is located are delivered as ready to use for mobilization.


Each of them are about three storey, the construction site building complex consisting three blocks produced with new generation container system will serve all staff working in the project. The dining hall block was produced with 3x7 fully-demounted screwed jointed container system and it have 819 square meters area in total. In DAP Kartal IstMarina project container dining hall, 600 staff can eat at the same time. Each of three storey construction site dormitories consisting 2 blocks are 480 person capacity and have 1536 square meters area. Container wc-shower container units are located separately on every floor of the container dormitory buildings. Distribution of container wc in construction site dormitory building is made with Karmod expertise by taking international work and worker health standards and the person number staying at the buildings into consideration.


Container wc-shower joints prepared by providing their leaktightness in a way that connection will be from the floor to arterial.

So many customary applications are performed in the construction site mobilization project designed by Karmod to be used DAP Kartal Istanbul Marina project.


Special waterproof epoxy application providing bright surface appearance have been made to container dining hall floor. It is aimed to ease cleaning with grid water outlet located in the every floor. Special application in sewage drain grids have been made for waterproof feature.


 Water channels have been connected to each other with insulated system. The same system have been applicated container wc areas. The maximum insulation have been provided by tape implementation to point of junction. An aesthetics appearance have been provided at the exterior surface of the building by coating the junction points with the special coating. Fire safety improved to a high-level at container dining hall building by using special lighting fittings not being affected by steam. The building has become more ergonomic and useful with a hallway system designed in container dormitory blocks.

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