IDO Business Ticket Sales and Security Cabins – Istanbul, Turkey


Intended Use:  Ticket Sales and Security Cabins
Building Model:  Metropolis Cabin
Number of Building:  37
Total Lenght in Metres:  1.282 m2
Year of the Project:  2013
Completion Time:  42 days


Karmod Metropolis Cabin became the ticket sales and security cabin choice of IDO (Istanbul Sea Buses Inc.) that is the leader brand in maritime passenger transportation and ferryboat transportation at Istanbul and its surroundings. Metropolis Cabins that are generally produced for ticket office cabins were delivered to ferryboat, sea bus and cityline ferry port piers of IDO Business.


The Metropolis Cabins are being used at Kocaeli, Bursa, Yalova, Esenkoy and Bandırma Piers along with Istanbul.  Thousands of passengers and vehicles that are using IDO for Daily travel are taking their tickets from these cabins.

Karmod Metropolis is shining out with its high structure safety and aesthetic designs compatible with urban architecture. Karmod Metropolis Security Cabin has high insulation with its increased wall panels and double glazing window system.

The Metropolis Cabin that can be design as armored security cabin with bullet-proof system when it is desired, is used for different needs like security and sales office, kiosk, ticket office, wc.


Modern Architectural Harmony is in Metropolis Security Cabin

Karmod Metropolis brings aesthetics and quality to the place it is installed with its modern look. With its architectural beauty, the metropol security cabin is especially the choice of corporate brands’ guard booth.

Two Times More Insulation is in Luxurious Security Cabin with the Building Safety

Stainless steel profile was used in the base frame of metropolis cabin building model. Luxurious security cabin is one of the most secure building models with its building model standard. It can used for years securely with its first day form. Special density insulated packing materials are used in between the building metal wall panels on the purpose of extra insulation. Stone pattern is used at exterior. By this means, building insulation is being increased.


Security cabin is ready for use at the instant that it is delivered

Metropolis security cabin is produced as ready for use at a factory. Electrical and water installations get ready up to their armatures at the production stage, specially for the produced structure. You can start to use securely since it is placed at the usage area. 

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