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Prefabricated Villa Draws Attention with the Air of Mansion

Our two-storey duplex prefabricated villa house, which we have completed in Misi Village (Gümüştepe District), one of the beautiful recreation areas of Bursa, offers comfort with its aesthetic architecture and special coatings. Misi Village of which foundation dating back to Ac. 183 is also popular with its houses smelling history. It continues the perception of village even though it got very close to the city because of the expansion of village settlement area which is located in 12 km to the city center of Bursa.


Among Historical Misi Houses painted with a splash of color purple,green, blue and green, a synthesis of past and present wooden patterened house adapted the historical nature of Misi Village.

Projected and built with a two-storey plan Misi Village prefab housing immediately draws attention of close passers  with Mansion Air . In design of this beautiful Villa, bay window ,which is common in  Ottoman architecture ,was added. Bay windows were implemented in the front and side facade of the house. With the harmony of white and wood patterns applied on the lower and upper floors together with the bay windows a beautiful structure is come out by the combination of prefabricated villas of Bursa.


The best Example of Detached House Models

 The housing project, in which aestetics of the building  are reflected in detail with Karmod’s new generation prefabricated production  and  these details are also maintained  during the building phase, is one of the best examples of Detached House Models. Another best example is set in the house with the implementation of a  raised  garden. In the front side of the house, a wonderful courtyard in greens is placed especially enjoyable in summer. Also in the back part, there is a garden  area  with stairs where some vegatables specific with Bursa  such as tomatoe,beans,papper and eggplant are raised and attracting people to nature with its taste. As well as the coop full of chickens and chicks.


Ready House is enough for escapes close to nature

If you are bored with city traffic, noise and complexity in Bursa too, the Ready House for excapes close to nature is just for you. When you walk away from Bursa city center not much, just a few kilometers  you will find  very beautiful places in green  for houses. In order to have a Ready House depending on your expectations 2+1,3+1 or more, one week is enough. Come to our Bursa Sales Office right now and choose your house. Let us build your house in a week. Do not delay the happiness.

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