Polyclinic Hospital Buildings- Al-Sarki, Saudi Arabia

Polyclinic Hospital Buildings- Al-Sarki, Saudi Arabia

Polyclinic Hospital  - Al-Sarki, Saudi Arabia

Made by: Health Center, Meshfa
Purpose of Use: Health Center
Number of Buildings: 8 Units of 3x12
Construction Model: New Generation of Containers
Total Footage: 320
Project Year: 2017
Duration: 7 day

We built a Polyclinic building in Saudi Arabia

In the city of Dammam (Al-Sarkiyah), the capital of the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, we built a polyclinic building for hospital settlement. The polyclinic building for the Meshfa health group was built in two floors with the Karmod New Generation Container model. The building with 21 patient examination rooms will serve for many years.

The most important feature of Karmod Next Generation products is that all wall and roof panels have a sandwich panel system and high insulation in hot and cold climate. The screw-on production system can be used on site in a very short period of time. If desired, it can be dismantled for use in other locations.

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