Petroleum Pipelines Construction Site Buildings, Franceville, Gabon

Petroleum Pipelines Construction Site Buildings, Franceville, Gabon


 Purpose of Use: :  Technical Staff to Work in Pipeline Laying
 Building Model:  New Generation Container
 Number of Structures:  230x595 cm 31 Units
 Total Quantity:  424 m2
 Project Year:  2019
 Completion Time:  27 days


Karmod New Generation Container at Petroleum Pipelines Construction Site in Gabon

Karmod New Generation Container, which has advantages developed specifically for difficult field working conditions, was preferred in the construction site building group of the petroleum pipelines laying project in Gabon, one of the countries in the central part of Africa.

Our construction sites, which are installed in the city of Haut-Ogooue, in the southeastern part of the country, in Franceville, will be used by the technical staff involved in the pipeline laying.


Our New Generation Container products are known as the buildings that give vitality in the construction site workers' camps thanks to its bolt-nut and plug-in feature in weldless technology, with its ergonomics offered with sandwich panel wall and roof system providing high insulation in all weather conditions. Thanks to its quality, which maintains its first day appearance for many years, enterprises operating in the field of oil, energy and mining especially prefer the Karmod brand in construction site buildings preferences.


230x595 cm disassembled units were preferred in our construction site project in Franceville, Gabon. Our products traveling to the country by sea were also shipped to the installation site by road in the same sea container. The 424 square meter building group, in which 31 units were installed with screw and plug-in system, was delivered ready to use in a short time like 27 days. Within the scope of the project, 19 dormitory buildings with single, double and quadruple beds were installed. WC and shower units were placed in the single and double rooms of these dormitories. In the 53-bed project, a cafeteria building with a kitchen and a cold storage room was prepared, with a hall that was spacious enough for 60 people to eat at the same time. Two buildings, laundry and health cabins with 5 wc and 5 shower units make up the other structures in the project.


Karmod is one of the leading brands of container construction projects, with its expertise in the sector, experience and the ability to do international business with its construction projects in nearly 120 countries. The new generation container model developed by itself, its contribution to sustainable environmental compliance, compliance with accepted criteria in occupational health and safety, superior insulation such as high insulation are among the features that distinguish and stand out Karmod container from its counterparts. The seamless screw system technology raises it above disassembled standards in overseas shipments. While the standard disassembled container cannot exceed 230x590 dimensions, Karmod New Generation Container is very different with its construction model, which allows the shipment and installation of structures of 3x7 and above in intensive use. This means at least 7 square meters of larger space in a single unit.


Along with the wall panels of the new generation, a sandwich panel system is also used in the roof system. The panel thickness used on the roof is 125 mm and it is unique in its field. With the abstract seam system sealed roof system, the structure can be used with high insulation without the need for an extra roof covering. Double glazing system is used in the windows, full closure is provided with the use of through locks and the insulation extra increases. The door system, which provides full closure with sheet panel system and special seal, does not allow air flow. In the metal parts of the product, the special painting system used in the automotive production technology is used, giving the structure unmatched gloss and the appearance of the first day for many years.


Wide space presentations provide advantages that cannot be compared to their counterparts, especially in terms of container prices in combined projects. While it is necessary to buy three units in the classical system, it is possible to provide the same function with 2 units in "Karmod new generation" With this feature, Karmod container is the advantageous building model preferred in the construction site container needs of large projects that make a sound worldwide from energy to road construction, from mass housing to airport constructions.


Among Karmod's productions, there are many types of structures such as container office, dormitory and dining hall container solutions for site mobilization, container toilet and shower, emergency settlement camp buildings, refugee shelter units, social facility buildings, school and hospital buildings.

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