Galataport Prefabricated Construction Site Offices, Istanbul, Turkey

Galataport Prefabricated Construction Site Offices, Istanbul, Turkey


Intended Use:  Galataport Project Management Construction Site Office
Building Model:  Panel System Prefabricated
Number of Building:  1 Block, Three-Storey
Total Lenght in Metres:  555 m2
Year of the Project:  2019
Completion Time:  18 days


Galaport project that will bring old historical liveliness to historical peninsula continues at full steam. Within the scope of the project spread to 30000 m2 area that is from Tophane Square to Karakoy Beach, squares will be prepared, passages that goes down the beach will be created by restoring historical buildings. When it is completed, it will contribute to Turkish tourism by increasing the number of tourist groups that come to Istanbul with cruise ships. The modern city will fairly breathe by meetin historic fabric.


As Karmod, we took our place with our management office building at important Galataport project that became popular recently in our country. We delivered the 555 square meters three-storey office building in a short time like 18 days. There are technical staff offices and management offices at the office building where there is 155 m2 work area at every floor. There are also two meeting rooms at the building.


There is a frequently asked question by people who don’t know prefabricated building model: “How prefabricated buildings are completed and get ready for used in a very short time?” It is a very normal question for those do not know. It shouldn’t be forgotten that our world is always developing and changing technologically. In parallel with this, it is matter of development and change in building models. As a result of that, building models that keep pace with this development and change are becoming prominent and they show theirselves in important projects. They are mentioned most often with their speed and they remain on the agenda. Because we get accustomed to reinforced building having long processes, naturally we’re having difficulty in giving the meaning this speed.


Prefabricated building companies accommodated theirselves in this rapidly changing process. They showed success of being first choice in many building fields including prefabricated office project and they became one of the important parts in the industry.


Nowadays, the industry reached a innovator position where advanced technologies are used, followed and updated by additional investments. When a building project is run, the first requested in architecture is how will be the needed building’s aesthetics and ergonomics. The building model that will earn aesthetics and ergonomics to the building is decided at this stage. One of the most important criterions in this decision is providing building safety.  Completion time and budget are the other important things. Then, so many questions about prefabricated building model that is the most advantageous among the preferred buildings come to mind:


“These buildings are completed in such a short time but are they safe? What is the reason why they have charm prices?” These questions spring from not knowing the building model. If it is needed to clarify these questions through prefabricated offices produced with this model, first of all as we mentioned above the prefabricated building system has technologic superiorities. Static calculations that are made very sensitively according to look and size wanted before the production at the project office, are being transfered to machine screen at production via computer data link. And gigantic storied office buildings are installed in only hours. 


Ready-made office buildings whose pre-production is completed are easily delivered to the installation area with the advantage of demounted feature. Installation of building is completed in very short times and they are delivered as ready for use with the advantage of unwelded acme screw and click-fit system offers.


When it is looked from prefabricated office prices aspect, the answer to why they are economic building model is very simple and understandable. The biggest factor is full material usage without any wasting in factory band system. All pieces are standard sized and they are complement each other like toy blocks. This advantage that is on the main components wall and roof system of the building are spread to all details. Electric wirings, sanitary systems, door and windows have a standard that does not allow waste. The installation of buildings are made by the same team who made delivery. This ensures that prefabricated building prices are lower. You can have any number of prefabricated office, ready made office for every need with Karmod speciality in a short time like this project. 

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