Galataport Construction Site Offices, Istanbul, Turkey

Galataport Construction Site Offices, Istanbul, Turkey

We Took Our Place With Our Office Building In Turkey's Historic GalataPort Project.

The Galataport project, which will bring the historical peninsula to the old historical vitality, continues at full speed. Within the scope of the project, which extends from Tophane Square to Karaköy coast, on an area of approximately 30 thousand square meters, squares will be prepared and corridors descending to the sea shore will be created by historical buildings are restored. Upon completion, tourist caravans arriving in Istanbul with cruise ships will increase and this will make a significant contribution to Turkish tourism. The modern city will breathe by meeting the historical fabric.


As Karmod, we took our place in Galataport, this important project of our country, which has made a name for itself in the last period, with our management office building. In a short period of 18 days, we completed the 555 square meter office building with 3 floors and delivered it. In the office building, where there is a 155 m2 working area on each floor, there are administrative offices together with the technical personnel involved in the project. There are also two meeting rooms in the building.


There is a frequently asked question by those who do not know the prefabricated building model; 'How can prefabricated buildings be completed in such a short time and be ready for use?' For those who do not know, this question is a very normal question. It should not be forgotten that our world is constantly developing and changing technologically. Accordingly, there is an unusual change and development in building models. As a result, building models that keep up with this change stand out and show themselves in important projects. They are frequently make a name for theirselves and become an agenda. Since our minds are accustomed to long-term building models such as reinforced concrete, we naturally find it difficult to make sense of this speed. In this fast-changing process, prefabricated building companies have become the actors of an important sector by adapting very well and by showing success in many building areas including prefabricated office projects. The sector has grown to an innovative position where highly advanced technologies are used today and these technologies are constantly monitored and updated with additional investments.


When conducting a building project, the first thing wanted and needed in architecture is how the aesthetics and ergonomics of the building will be. At this stage, the building model that will give the building aesthetics and ergonomics is decided. In this decision, ensuring the building security is also one of the most important criteria. Completion time and budget are other important issues added and taken into consideration. At this stage, questions arise about the prefabricated building model, which is the most advantageous among the preferred structures. a large number of questions arising from not knowing the building model again like “These structures are being built in such a short time, but how safe is this?” Or “What is the reason why they have such an attractive price?”


To clarify the questions over the prefabricated offices produced with this model, the prefabricated building system has quite technological advantages as we mentioned above. Production of huge multi-storey office buildings can be done within hours by static calculations, which are performed very precisely, according to the appearance and size liked in the project office before production, being transferred to the machine screen in production over a computer data line.

Ready-made office buildings whose preproductions were made, are easily shipped to the installation site with the advantage of their disassembled feature. With the advantage of seamless acme screw and plug-in system, building installation can be performed in a short time and they can be delivered as ready-made.


" When prefabricated office prices are evaluated, why are these buildings so economical?” The answers to the question are quite simple and understandable. The biggest factors in this are the prefabricated structures are produced in the factory belt system and by using full material without wasting waste at any stage. All the parts to be used are of standard size and can easily complement each other like a lego. This advantage in the main components of the building, in the wall and roof system, has spread to all details. Electrical installations, sanitary installations, doors and windows have standards that do not allow waste. The advantage and price of being shipped finished and being installed with the same team without the need for other masters makes the prefabricated structures extremely attractive. With Karmod expertise, as in this important project, you can have many different office buildings, such as prefabricated offices, ready-made offices, in a short time.


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