Passport Office - Abuja, Nigeria

Made by: Ministry of Interior of Nigeria
Purpose of Use:
Passport Delivery and Data Collection
Number of Buildings: 6 Units of 3x7
Construction Model: New Generation of Containers
Total Footage: 126
Project Year: 2017
Duration: 21 days

Karmod sets up green energy passport office in Abuja

Karmod, producing structures that appeal to a wide range of uses around the world, has now established a passport modular prefabricate office in Abuja, Nigeria, to work with green energy.

The building to be used as data collection and passport delivery center was built by the Nigerian Interior Ministry. The most important feature of the building is that the energy needed by the solar energy panels placed behind the roof will be produced naturally. The building is located in the green energy building class using natural energy.

In the construction of the passport building that was produced with Karmod's new generation container model, were 6 units of 3x7 meter fully demounted container used.

10 civil servants will be able to serve in separate desks with a total of 126 square meters. The building, which has 5 offices, has a waiting room for 75 people and 4 separate wc units.

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