Karmod camps in Nigeria for UN peacekeepers

Karmod camps in Nigeria for UN peacekeepers

Karmod Prefabricate established a military camp in Nigeria for the United Nations Peacekeeping Force.

Karmod completed the structures of the military camp in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, to be used by soldiers serving in the United Nations (UN) Peace Force.

Karmod modular living cabins in the camp established under UN, 400 soldiers will be sheltered.

Our cabin products are preferred in workers' construction sites and military camps due to high insulation and easy installation, especially, in African countries with hot climate. Nigeria, Senegal, Eritrea, Congo, Sudan and Somalia are among the countries that most prefer our cabin products. Our cabins that we produced for UN Abuja Military Camps are 3.90 x 11.10 meters and have 43 square meters of usage area. Our products in the UN Nigeria Camp will be used for 10 years.

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