Modular Healthcare Construction

Gaziantep City Hospital Offices – Gaziantep, Turkey


Intended Use:  Health Facility Construction Process Prefab Offices
Building Model:  Sheet Panel System Prefab
Number of Building:  3 (each of them are three-storey)
Total Lenght in Metres:  718 m2
Year of the Project:  2024
Completion Time:  23 days


Karmod has installed prefab office buildings of 1875 beds capacity Gaziantep City Hospital which will be the 5th biggest health facility in Turkey when it is completed. Prefab office buildings we’ve installed will be used as a ready office by managers and technical team who work at the building of the facility.


The most important feature of this project built with new generation prefab structure system is that in the one of blocks, three-storey sheet panel light steel structure system that is used by very few companies.

Prefab office buildings designed as considering static calculations have been supported with special diagonals and building safety has been provided in the best way. We’re glad to be solution partner of Kayı – Salini – Samsung consortium who are the project executives of the city hospital we brought into use by running the prefab building project as Karmod. As is known Kayı, Salini and Samsung are among the prominent groups in their fields.


One block of our prefab office project built as two blocks is three-storey and 430 square meters and the other one is two-storey and has 288 square meters usage areas. Inner sides of the prefab offices used mostly by the managers and technical staff have been arranged ergonomically. There are usage areas like manager office, engineer offices, technical team rooms, training area, meeting rooms, technical analysis room, dining hall and cafeteria at the internal partitions of prefab ready office buildings.


Gaziantep City Hospital Project at a Single Glance

Gaziantep City Hospital whic is built within the city hospitals project is the 5th biggest hospital in Turkey and becoming prominent with 638.000 square meters gigantic closed space. Planned bed capacity is 1875 and there are 475 polyclinic rooms in Gaziantep City Hospital consisting of 4 big blocks in total. Total room is 1458 and intensive car unit capacity is 277 in the hospital where a heliport is located. Adult and child intensive care units, burn treatment unit, iodine treatment area, gynaecology, test-tube baby unit, marrow transplantation center, palliative care unit for children and adults in Gaziantep City Hospital. 

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