Mining Worksite With 500 Personnel Capacity

Mining Worksite – Guyana / Georgetown
 Porpuse of Use:  Worker Camp Buildings
 Construction Model:  Next Generation Container
 Number of Buildings:  2 Block
 Total Area:  1.072 m2
 Duration  30 days
 Project Year  2017


In Guyana, located in the northern part of South America, mine workers will be accommodated in Karmod Next Generation Container. We delivered 420-bed capacity construction site mobilization structures to the mine site in Karmod Guyana, which carries out projects on different continents with construction site container exports.


The structures prepared within the construction site container project will be used as a container dormitory in the bauxite mine in Georgetown, Guyana. The mobilization of the mine site was designed as two separate container dormitory blocks. In the construction of the buildings, 62 units of standard size 230x595 prepared with a sandwich panel demounted system were used. 39 units were used in the first dormitory block of 682 square meters and the building has a capacity of 300 beds. The second block has a size of 390 square meters and has a capacity of 120 beds. Container units delivered to the country by sea transport in disassembled form were installed ready-to-use in 2 blocks in a short span of time 1 month.


One of the prominent features of the construction site mobilization project we prepared for the Georgetown bauxite mine is the detail of the ground where the construction site container structure will be placed. We have succeeded in placing container dormitory buildings on this ground which is not suitable for construction. The ready-to-ground concrete blocks, which were not suitable for construction, were placed on a solid ground and thus the building installation building safety criteria were also taken into consideration.


International worker health and construction site mobilization standards were meticulously applied in each unit of the dormitory rooms within the container dormitory blocks. Details such as the ventilation of dormitory rooms, the number of beds per room, WC and shower unit were reflected in the project and production was carried out.


In this project, a comfortable place that offers a vigorous container dormitory resting area with Karmod New Generation ergonomics for the personnel working under difficult conditions such as a mine was prepared and presented.

Karmod new generation container is “friend of the construction site staffs” with its advantages such as superior building insulation, air-conditioning convenience, comfort and space solutions provided by the sandwich panel system. Karmod new generation is the choice of construction site workers with the home comfort it offers.

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