Mining Worksite - Georgetown, Guyana

Mining Worksite - Georgetown, Guyana

Mining Worksite with Capacity for 500 People - Georgetown, Guyana

Made by: French Mining Company
Purpose of Use: Worker Buildings
Number of Buildings: 2 Blocks
Construction Model: New Generation of Containers
Total Footage: 1005
Project Year: 2017
Duration: 30 day

Karmod has completed the installation of mining camps in Guyana in the north of South America.

The building, which consists of the offices and bedrooms of the new generation container structure model, will be used by the technical team and workers who will be working on the bauxite mine in the capital, Georgetown.

Under the project, 62 units of disassembled containers were transported by sea to Guyana and delivered to the on-site installation.

The technical team of 506 employees at the Georgetown bauxite mine and the construction sites that are be used by the workers were delivered as soon as 1 month in a short time.

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