Mining site accommodation camp in Mexico

Mining site accommodation camp in Mexico

Karmod buildings, mining site accommodation camp in Mexico

According to Karmod, the building, which is located in the central part of Mexico, in Mazapil, will be used by the technical team and workers of the gold mine.

Karmod has developed a reputation as a trusted supplier of mobile camp and accommodation village solutions to companies operating in the mining, construction and oil & gas sectors.

Karmod foreign trade manager Taner Ozturk, who mentioned the comments in the statement, recently stressed that they had received important inquiries from the countries of America. Ozturk said that this increase in demand has contributed positively to the quality standards that they have achieved in their products, as well as the ease of transport through easy portable disassembly and rapid on-site installation.

Ozturk emphasized that they were producing the designs with purely domestic inputs, he said:

We use totally domestic raw materials and accessories in the production of our constructions. We offer many alternatives to our customers with steel, prefabricated, container, cabin etc. We see the advantages of our structure diversity in countries located in America .

For example we have cabin structures in the USA and Canada, our steel houses in Peru and Panama, and prefabricated and container site office in Chile, Mexico and Guyana. We have recently completed a gold mine construction site project in Mexico with office, bedrooms, dining hall, assimilator machine building and laboratory. Buildings with single storey prefabricated model and on-site installation were planned in sizes of 370, 260 and 190 square meters.

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