Military camp buildings in Borno, Nigeria

Military camp buildings in Borno, Nigeria

Military camps, Monguno, Borno, Nigeria
Purpose of use: Military Barracks Headquarters
Number of Buildings: 20 buildings
Construction Model: New Generation Containers
Total Footage: 420 (20 pieces of 3x7 units)
Capacity: 40 people
Extra Application: 150w Solar Panels (24 hours without power cut)
Project year: 2018
Duration: 15 days

We have established military camps in the State of Borno
Karmod has successfully concluded the establishment of a military camp for senior military officers in the Borno State, located in northeastern Nigeria.
In the project, new generation of housing containers  were used and will serve as accommodation in the military quarter in a region with high security risk. 

A total of 20 3x7m container units were established on the site to serve as offices and dormitories for military officers. With an interior area of 21 square meters, each container has two bedrooms, a common bathroom for two officers to use.
The above-mentioned military camp project featured an extra application of a 150 watt solar panel installed on the roof of each container. Due to the fact that the installation site is far from the central residential area, the energy required by the camp will be provided by these panels. The solar energy produced by the panels will meet the energy needs for 24 hours in the camp.

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