Light Steel Holiday Village Housing Project - Libya

prefabricated buildings
Holiday Village Project- Al-Khums/Libya


 Purpose of Use:   Village Time Share Houses
 Construction Model:  Panel System Prefabricated House
 Number of Building:  29
 Total Size:  1.226 m2
 Project Year:  2009


We have installed and delivered the mass holiday village project consisting of 29 pieces in a short span of 40 days occupied in Libya’s holiday destination, Al-Khums.


Our structures prepared in long-lasting building class and new generation prefabricated building production technology contain very attractive advantages for accommodation investments in tourism regions. One of the most important standing-out advantages of the prefabricated building system for tourism accommodation investments is the convenience of production and installation of the building. For example, with an approximate size of 50 square meters, 2+1 time-share building can be installed in one or two days with the prefabricated model. Hunderds of buildings that are in service for tourism services are made ready to use in a very short amount of time while tourism housing investment is turned into profits immediately to bring to it’s investor.


Another important advantage of an prefabricated holiday village is the building investment budget. Our prefabricated buildings are pre-produced and can be installed without the need of other construction materials. Because installation of a building is made by manufacturer teams, it can be constructed without the need of another expert. These conveniences make prefabricated house prices more attractive than what was known. That is why tourism investors prefer specifically the prefabricated models to earn immediately.


Karmod houses are preferred as a brand because of their long-lasting quality of production ready-to-use short time installation, country specific isolation and ergonomics.


Within the scope of Libya holiday village project, holiday village houses made pre-produced in Karmod Turkey modern facilites are shipped to the country with armatures such as walls, roofs, doors, windows, water, electrity and plumbing. Time shares installed on the spot by Karmod teams are delivered ready-to-use. The 49 square meter houses in 2 + 1 plan have been brought to the tourism sector of Libya to provide the ideal use for a family.


The city of Al-Khums is a holiday destination in Libya with it’s sea beaches. The ancient city of Leptis Magna and the historical Severan Basilica, which were unearthed in recent archaeological excavations in the east of the city, are also worth seeing in terms of tourism. Ancient Roman Theater in Leptis Magna is among the most visited historical places by tourists coming to Libya today. 

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