The Third Airport Construction Site Mobilization Project

school building
Istanbul Airport Construction Site Buildings – Arnavutkoy, Istanbul, Turkey


 Intended Use:  Airport Construction Site Buildings
 Building Model:  Prefabricated Building and New Generation Container
 Number of Building:  18 Blocks
 Total Lenght in Metres:  1.500 m2
 Year of the Project:  2016


Karmod built the first construction site buildings of Istanbul Airport. We showed our leadership in prefabricated building industry by installing the first construction site buildings of Istanbul Airport (The third airport), world's largest airport with annual passenger transfer capacity. The construction site buildings prepared by being designed specially at Karmod technical office were used on the purpose of accommodation of workers and technical staff who work at the huge project that has 10.2 billion euro investment budget and 150 million passenger capacity per year.


Our mobilization buildings that has the feature of being the first construction site building of Istanbul third airport project has 1810 square meters in total. All buildings that should be in a worker camp campus took place at the airport mobilization that prefabricated and container construction site building group are used together.


Firstly, installation of the prefabricated office building were completed for the project. There are technical staff work rooms with management room at this office building. 300 person capacity prefabricated dining hall building was installed with the office. This building was used as education building after the installation of 1200-person dining hall building. Two-storey 2 container dormitory buildings were installed within this period. Later on, 7 seperate container dormitory blocks and 1200-person new prefabricated dining hall building were added to mobilization project. 

Construction site health and infirmary building, human resources office, canteen, architect and engineer offices, laundry, WC, shower unit and storage areas took place at the full-fledged 1500-person construction site mobilization project.


The third airport of Istanbul at a single glance

The third airport of Istanbul are being built between Akpinar and Yenikoy locations in the junction point of Gokturk - Arnavutkoy – Catalca, Black Sea Beach. Air distance from Yesilkoy Ataturk Airport is 35 km. In the project, there are 6 runways where 19 take off or landings can be available in every hour. 4 runways of 4 km each will be parallel to the Black Sea and two of them will be perpendicular. The world's largest passenger aircrafts F-code Boing 747-800 and Airbus A380 can take off and land on the airport. 

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