Modular School Project - Amilly, France

Modular School Project - Amilly, France

EREA Simone Veil 10-Class School Project - Amilly, France

Institution: French Ministry of Education

Purpose of Use: Middle and High School

Number of Classes: 10

Number of Workshops: 6

Capacity: 200 Students

Building Quantity: 2 Block

Building Model: New Generation Container

Total Squaremeters: 1.127

Project Year: 2018

Completion Time: 40 days

We completed a 10-class school in 40 days in France

Karmod completed the Aurea Simone Veil school building with 10 classrooms in the city Amilly in France within a short period of 40 days.

The previous building of the school was severely damaged in the last May due to heavy rains in the city. After the sad event, the education authorities started searching for a fast solution of the new school building. The authorities decided to start production by making an agreement with our Karmod brand for the construction of the school building. As Karmod, we have completed the pre-production of a 1127-square-meter building in our production facilities in Orhanlı, Istanbul in a short period of 17 days. After production, the building was transported with 12 trucks to France. Our Karmod installation team delivered the building ready to use in a short time of 40 days. Thus, the school building of this size was completed in September before the beginning of the new education period.

The new School can be used for many years

The construction of the school, which was built with the New Generation Container model produced by Karmod, was originally planned by the French education authorities as 5 years. Upon completion of a modern school building with its appearance and quality that is no different from the classical architectural structures, the education authorities stated that they have taken the evaluation into the agenda for the long-term use of the building.

10 Classrooms, 6 Private Lessons Workshop

A total of 82 container units were used in the construction of the EREA Simone Veil School with a capacity of 200 students. The units are specially manufactured in 3 meters height. There are 10 classrooms, 55 square meters each, and there are 1 Technology Class, Computer Class, Visual Arts Workshop, Laboratory, Music Event Workshop and Library. In addition, the school consists of 83 square meters of Teachers' Room and Administration Room. Canteen, storage room, student wc's and disabled wc are other departments in school.

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