EREA Simone Veil School Project - Amily, France

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EREA Simone Veil 10-Classroom Modular School Project – Amily, France


Intended Use:  Secondary Schooland High School
Building Model:  Prefabricated Panel System
Number of Building:  16 Classrooms
Total Lenght in Metres:  1.127 m2
Year of the Project:  2018
Completion Time:  40 days


Karmod delivered 10-Classroom EREA Simone Veil school building at Amilly city of France in a short time like 40 days by completing. 

Previous building of the school building got damaged and became unuseable because of the flood taken place in consequence of heavy rains last May. After the sad event, the education authorities go our for a new school building. The authorities took a decision to start production by having an agreement with Karmod about rebuilding the school building in a short time. We completed the pre-production of 1127 square meters building in a short time like 17 days at our production facilities located in Istanbul, Orhanli. As Karmod, we delivered them to France about to be installed by loading 10 buildings in one semi-trailer truck and 12 semi-trailer trucks in total.

Our Karmod erection crew delivered the building as ready for use by installing it in 40 days. In this way, this size school building was completed before new education year in september. A beautiful surprise like starting a new education year in a new modern school is waiting  for students.


The New School Will Be Useable Through Long Ages

France Education Authorities had planned usage of the school built with new generation container model production by Karmod as 5 years. When a modern school building that has no difference from classical architectural structures with its look and quality, showed up upon completion, the education authorities expressed that they put many years of use of the building on their agenda.  It had been a development we had felt appreciation in the name of Karmod.

10-Classroom 6 Special Lesson Workshops

82 container units were used for the building of 200-student capacity EREA Simone Veil School. Units were produced speacially at the height of 3 meters. 55 square meters technology class, computer class, visual arts workshop, lab, music activity workshop and library in the school consisting of each of 55 square meters 10 classrooms. Canteen, storage rooms, woman and man student wc and disabled wc are the other areas at school. Steel system roofage and ceiling floor were used at roof of the school extra. Fireproof material that provides high insulation and called rock wool atthe roof and wall panels of the units. Automatic blinds system was used for all double-glazed windows. 

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