Flixbus Ticket Sales Booth in Paris, France

Flixbus Ticket Sales Booth in Paris, France
 Porpuse of Use:  Flixbus Ticket Booth 
 Construction Model:  CTP Polyester Cabin
 Number of Buildings:  -
 Total Area:  215x270
 Duration  Ready to Use Shipment
 Project Year  2017


Karmod produced ticket sales booths for the use of Flixbus, one of the leading companies in Europe in intercity bus service. The modular cabin, which was sent to France after the first batch production, will serve at Flixbus ticket sales points in Paris.

The ticket sales cabin prepared with the polyester cabin model is a new experience for Flixbus to reach its customers through a practical channel, which serves a thousand points in 20 different countries across Europe. In order to facilitate the company's services in different countries, ticket cabins can be placed practically in city squares and put into use quickly.


Polyester Cabin, the easiest way to reflect the corporate identity

Karmod polyester cabin facilitates corporate identity applications thanks to its smooth glossy surface and provides companies with a new advertising space. 215x270 model was preferred in our modular cabin structure we prepared for Flixbus. The outer surface of the ticket kiosk was completely covered with advertising in the corporate colors of the company. The building was easily transformed into a corporate identity and gained a very stylish appearance.


On the front side of the polyester kiosk cabin, special shutters with damper were applied to the window area where the sales were made and other small windows on the right and left. With this application, the opening and closing of the ticket kiosk cabin has been facilitated and building security has been ensured. A special carrying tool specific to Karmod structures was placed under the cabin in order to facilitate the forklift unloading transfer. With this tool, both the displacement of the product was made easier and the structure was placed properly. Two lighting fixtures were placed on the front facade in order to facilitate the service during night work.


We previously produced the ticket booths for Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain football clubs. Now we are producing the ticket booths of the Flixbus company. The company transfers passengers to 100 thousand station every day, serving at a thousand points in 20 different countries in Europe. The first batch of production ticket sales booths started to be used in Paris within the project. In the next stage, the ticket cabins we produce will be placed at many stations in 20 countries where the company serves.

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