Djibouti Minister of Education House, Arta – Djibouti

Djibouti Minister of Education House, Arta – Djibouti
 Porpuse of Use:  Minister of Education Private House
 Construction Model:  Prefabricated Panel System
 Number of Buildings:  1
 Total Area:  125 m2
 Duration  23 Days
 Project Year  2019


By the Minister of Education, Karmod Prefabricated House, which is accepted as a luxury housing concept throughout Africa, will be used for residence purposes in Djibouti, one of the East African countries.

The private luxury residence, which was designed as two-story for the minister's use, was planned to be 125 m2 in size. The prefabricated house model was pre-produced in Karmod production facilities with a demounted system, and the installation was made by our regional teams in Arta city in the north east of Djibouti. The prefabricated house, which was made ready in just 23 days by our teams, was presented to the daily use of the Minister of Education.


The ready-made house in the duplex house model was provided with a staircase designed from inside, between the floors. Wooden coating was made on the staircase of the house. A special polish has been applied to prevent the wooden stairs from wearing. The advantages of the prefabricated building system have been evaluated very well in the project in order to prepare spacious rooms with maximum width in the plan. The area covered by the building statics are very low compared to other models so the steel carriers were hidden in wall blocks and spacious rooms were revealed in contrast to steel carriers having a high bearing capacity.  Since the function of wide-body concrete columns and beams, which cannot be avoided in classical reinforced concrete systems, is provided by the more durable steel structure system in the prefabricated house, the resulting areas can be used with the wide space presentation in the plan.


Complete steel structure connection equipment is used again in the mezzanine supporters that connect the two floors of the ready-made houses. The weight-bearing capacity of the mezzanine chassis, whose connections are made with bolt-nut weldless system, is extremely high and safe compared to the concrete floor blocks. Karmod Prefabricated House has the best insulation in different climate zones, with 10 cm outer wall thickness and roof insulation implementation in standard application. Special insulation fillings with high density, placed between wall blocks, save Karmod Prefabricated House energy-wise up to 60 percent compared to wall systems made with materials such as brick and aerated concrete. Karmod Prefabricated House is in the luxury housing class throughout Africa with many advantages such as quality, building safety and long-lasting features.

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