We installed construction site mobilization to Yaouré Gold Mine Site

prefabricated buildings
We installed construction site mobilization to Yaouré Gold Mine Site


 Intended Use:  Mining Business Construction Site Mobilization
 Building Model:  Prefabricated Building
 Number of Building:  5 (483 + 253 + 197 + 120)
 Total Lenght in Metres:  1.053 m2
 Year of the Project:  2021
 Completion Time:  35 days


We installed construction site mobilization to Yaouré Gold Mine Site that is extracted at The Ivory Coast, one of the West African countries. Construction site mobilization project that was installed by using prefabricated building system will be used at Yaouré mine site that is the third gold mine site and located Near the Bandama River, 40 km from Yamusukro city.


Four seperate buildings that were projectized in prefabricated construction site buildings with Karmod expertise have 1053 square meters in total. There are prefabricated dining hall building, construction site office building, multi purposes education hall building, dressing room and prefabricated wc and shower buildings in the mobilization project.


The prefabricated dining hall building have 488 square meters area. A spacious hall where 200 people eat at the same time and kitchen section are the main areas in the building. There are handwashing sinks and two-sided eating service places in the building. There are special meeting room for the management with 6 seperate work rooms, kitchen, man and woman wc in the office building that has 197 square meters area.

Our building that will be used for work safety and has multi purpose hall is 253 square meters. The last building of the project is 120 square meters and it consisting of a prefabricated building where there are 7 wcs and showers with changing room in a closed area.


The prefabricated construction site buildings whose pre-production were made in a short time at the Karmod modern facilities were delivered Abidjan Harbor first, then delivered by road to the Yaouré mine site near the capital Yamusukro. Prefabricated construction site buildings have been delivered by being make ready in only 35 days by Karmod teams without the need for other craftsmen and building materials.

Production is started by 2021 at Yaouré Gold Mine Site whose feasibility study was completed in 2017. Yaouré Site is attractive because of the low cost gold mining budget. There is 215.000 ounces gold production potantial in one year at the Yaouré. Avarage 170 milion tons materials including 27 million tons ores will be transfered at Yaouré Site that has gold reserve.


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