Libya, Bingazi Airport Construction Site Project

sandwich panel system container
Benina International Airport Enlargement Project – Bingazi, Libya


 Intended Use:  Airport Enlargement Works Construction Site Buildings
 Building Model:  Sandwich Panel System Container
 Number of Building:  78 (28 Unit Containers)
 Total Lenght in Metres:  1.092 m2
 Year of the Project:  2011
 Completion Time:  39 days


It has been decided to build a new station building that can increase 5 million more the current capacity of Benina International Airport located at Bingazi with the investment decision made by Libya government. In this direction, the new station building tender was made and construction work awarded to Canadian SNC-Lavalin. Field preparations started by conducting pre-feasibility studies. Work of construction site building installation for the project awarded to Karmod thanks to construction site mobilization expertise. There was a demand for technical work on a construction site mobilization with a capacity of at least 300 people in the project. We started to work with our technical team about the most suitable construction site building project that can be installed as soon as possible. We clarified the building choice and we made a suggestion to our customer about sandwich panel container model. The suggestion was accepted. Then we started to production preparations in this direction. We started to preproduction of demounted units where there are main buildings like work offices, dormitory building, dining hall building, wc and shower buildings that will be used for construction site mobilization. Production of the 78 units was completed with a good organization in 6 days and they set out for the port to be shipped to Benghazi by sea.


318-Person Container Worker Camp in Only 39 Days

Installation of the buildings started by our teams ready in the area at the day that demounted container units reached to Bingazi.  The construction site buildings consisting of 78 container units where 318 employees can stay were installed and made ready with the convenience provided by nut bolt and click-fit system. There are work offices, dormitory and dining hall, wc-shower units and rest offices at the container construction site complex.

There are closed usage areas like work offices, dormitory buildings, dining hall buildings, wc-shower units and rest offices at the container construction site complex we assign to Benina International Airport Enlargement Project Team utilization.

We produce construction site buildings of gigantic projects as soon as possible with our complete demounted container building system, we made the installation as soon as possible, we bring in projects with both energy savings provided by our buildings and economic advantages we bring to construction site financing budgets.

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