Construction Site Offices, Galataport Turkey

Galataport Worksite Offices, İstanbul, Türkiye
 Usage Purpose:  Galataport Project Managerial Worksite Office
 Building Model:  Panel System Prefabricated
 Building Number:  1 Block, 3-Storey
 Total Area:  555 m2
 Project Year:  2019
 Completion Duration:  18 days


We took our place in Galataport, Turkey's historical project, with our prefabricated office building

The Galataport project, which will carry the historic peninsula to its ancient historical vitality, is in full swing. Within the scope of the project, which spans approximately 30 thousand square meters from Tophane Square to Karaköy Coast, the squares will be prepared, the historical buildings will be restored and the corridors descending to the coast will be created. When completed, it will make a significant contribution to Turkish tourism by increasing the number of tourist groups arriving in Istanbul on cruise ships. The Modern city will meet with historic texture and breathe, so-to-speak.


As Karmod, we took our place in Galataport, which is an important project of our country that is popular for its name, with our managerial office building. We completed the 555 square meter prefabricated office building with 3 floors in as little as 18 days. In the office building that has a working area of 155 m2 on each floor, there are managerial offices along with the ones for technical personnel involved in the project. There are also two meeting rooms in the building.


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