Uzbekistan Tashkent Construction Site Mass Housing Project

Mass Housing Project Construction Site Buildings, Tashkent – Uzbekistan
 Porpuse of Use:  Mass Housing Construction Site Office
 Construction Model:  Next Generation Container
 Number of Buildings:  8
 Total Area:  -
 Duration  -
 Project Year  2019


Next Generation Container is in Tashkent City Gardens Residence Mass Housing Project

Karmod Next Generation Container was chosen as the construction site office building in the Tashkent City Gardens Residence project, one of the most assertive and prestigious brand housing projects in Uzbekistan.


Container Office, the Best Solution for Project Offices

Container Office buildings, which have the advantages of quality, good insulation and comfort as well as fast installation, are the best building solution for brand residential project offices. We have completed the 140 m2 two-story container office building for the Tashkent City housing project in 4 days and delivered it ready for use.

A total of 8 demounted container units were used for the 140 m2 office building. In addition to the joints of 230x595 cm flatpack units, a 28 m2 passage corridor was planned in the project. The structures, which were pre-produced in modern facilities in Istanbul as flatpacks with Karmod Next Generation Container technology, were delivered to the installation site in accordance with road transport standards.

The container office building was installed by our expert teams in the area determined to be at the Tashkent City Gardens Residence mass housing project site. The office building, which was installed in a short time with the ease provided by the weldless bolt-nut and snap-on next generation production system, started to be used by the mass housing project employees.


Fully Secure Container Offices for Construction Sites

With specially designed electrical installation system of the next generation container structures, the most common electrical fires in construction sites have been prevented. In Karmod structures, cable connections are made with the help of special terminals and problematic applications such as tape are not included. The fuses on the insurance panel have full amperage values in accordance with ISO document standards, and there is no room for risks in our ready-made container office buildings.

Taşkent City housing project is being realized on an area of 89 thousand 500 m2 also there are 1,139 residences and 52 commercial shops in the project. There are 2, 3, 4 bedroom and penthouse flat options in the residences. An indoor parking lot with a capacity of 1,500 vehicles, ponds, sports fields, walking paths, green areas and landscaping areas are among the prominent equipment of the housing project.

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