Kinshasa Housing Complex Project - Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kinshasa Housing Complex Project - Democratic Republic of the Congo

Purpose of construction: housing complex

Number of buildings: 900 houses (600 one-floor, 300 two-floors)

Building model: prefabricated panel system

Total area: 57.900 m2

Project Year: 2019

Completion time: 90 days

Another massive housing project from Karmod;

We produced 900 mass dwellings in 3 months in Congo.

Karmod completed another important project to decrease the housing shortage in Africa. We produced 900 homes in 3 months for the Democratic Republic of Congo, located in the central part of the continent. Also in 2013, Karmod in 8 months produced 1884 houses in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad and the city of Kut. This project has become the world's largest prefabricated housing project.

Karmod houses offer the optimal solution for large-scale housing projects thanks to outstanding benefits such as long service life, fast technological production system, easy transportation and easy installation in a short time. This provides great convenience and advantage, especially for African countries with high housing shortages, where construction facilities are expensive and limited.

We implemented a mass housing project in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo, in 3 stages. At the first stage, 300 one-floor houses and 100 two-floor houses were constructed. The same production units were repeated in the second and third stages, reaching a total amount of 900 units. In one-floor houses the preference was given to a 2 + 1 plan with an area of ​​51 square meters, and in two-story houses, the preference was given a plan of 91 sq.m.

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