Cameroon Customs Service Offices & Security Kiosks

Customs Safety Service Offices


Intended Use:  Customs Safety Service Offices 
Building Model:  GRP Cabin New Generation Container 
Number of Building:  24
Total Lenght in Metres:  299 m2
Year of the Project: 2020
Completion Time:  12 days


Cameroon Customs Safety Service Offices

Karmod buildings have been started to used for customs safety service offices in coastol town Doula, Atlantic-ocean coaster of West African country Cameroon. Customs service and also safety will be provided with our group of 24 buildings that our new generation container buildings have been  preferred with grp panel system cabin products.


Both Karmod polyester cabin and new generation container become prominent with superiority of insulation and easy climatization feature. Also being useable for a long time is one of the primary features of Karmod buildings. Our buildings dispatched with logistic convenience through demounted production are delivered ready for use as being installed in a short time on site by our teams.


In our buildings, spacious space confort at maximum largeness is increasing productivity with vitality in office usage. 4 new generation containers of 3x7 meters, 10 grp cabins of 215x215, 10 cabins of 270x630 metres, 24 buildings were installed totally in our project that adds comfort to service work areas at Doula customs.


First Preferred Brand in Security Cabin is Karmod

With its quality, ergonomy, and comfort, Karmod security cabin is the first preferred brand in World for security offices.

From 3 square meters oneman watcher cabin model to 50 square meters security cabin that ten or more employees can take in charge, Karmod cabins are being used in more than 130 countries of the world today.

Our security cabin structures have common use with the usage in national police points and gendarmerie station security areas. Also embassy and consulate security areas are being one of the places where our security cabins are frequently preferred. Karmod put armoured security cabin and bulletproof armour products speacial for high security required areas at risk into service of security industry with its speciality in security cabin production.


Our productions in armoured watch box model are conforming to BR7 armour-piercing bullet standards.

There are customs checkpoints, airport security, road checkpoints security, factory and industry facilities security, social facilities security with parks and gardens, mass housing security and so many different areas like these in the other usage areas of our security cabin structures in the industry.

 In the watcher cabin products model, wc cabin can be added too. These structures can be named as safe wc cabin. The security cabin we designed and manufactured specially for Doula Customs are designed that can serve all employees who will work in the customs area.

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