Algeria Airport Construction Site Project

prefabricated buildings
Airport Expansion Site Project- Sétif, Algeria


 Purpose of Use:   Sétif Ain Arnat Airport Construction Site Buildings
 Construction Model:  Prefabricated Building
 Number of Building:  5
 Total Size:  1.226 m2
 Project Year:  2009


Karmod, which produces construction site buildings and projects that stand-out in the world with it’s size, realized another important project in the North Africa country, Algeria. The construction site project was realized in city of Sétif, located 266 km from capital Algiers. The construction buildings we have installed with prefabricated building model will be used by the personnel who will take part in expansion of Sétif Ain Arnat Airport and construction of new connection roads.


The pre-produced 5 separate buildings with disassembled prefab system within the scope of this project are sent by seaway container transportation to the country and delivered to the airport construction project site. With the work of our supervisor teams we sent to the project site, 5 separate buildings with a total size of 226 m2 were installed and made ready for use in a time frame of 42 days.


All the buildings that will meet the requirements of the construction site have been prepared in the construction site mobilization building group we set up for Ain Arnat Airport’s expansion and construction of connection roads projects.


The usage distribution of 5 separate prefabricated construction site buildings, two of which are 256 m2 and 3 of which are 244 m2, built on the project was as follows; 1 building was prepared as construction site management office. With an executive room, workroom for engineers and technicians to use, structural material analysis laboratory, meeting room, kitchen and WC units took place in this building. Other building was prepared and projected as a dining hall. Inside the dining hall, a large dining place where 110 people can eat at the same time takes place while other part contains a kitchen.


The other 3 buildings in the project are construction site dormitory buildings with a capacity of 285 people. One of these buildings are specifically prepared for engineers and technicians to use. The other two are prepared for construction site workers to accommodate. WC and shower units inside the dormitory buildings are produced and projected within the standards of international construction site workers camp. 

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