Karmod exports armored cabins to Peru in South America

Karmod exports armored cabins to Peru in South America

The cabin, which is 2x3 meter in size and completely produced from BR7 class bullet proof armor steel, will be used at the police security points in Lima, the capital of the country.

Great variety of products in prefabricated constructions for the defense industry, in this sense, they added and specified that they have focused on the products that generate more value added to the national economy:

Maximum viewing angle was targeted with the use of windows located on each side of the armored cabin. The bullet-proof window on the front is a whole without division. On each glass, there are bullet-proof fire grills with bulletproof features.

The shot grips have a special spring and are easy to open and close. Three corners of the product also have bulletproof protection for air vents. The sirens and projectors, which can be controlled from the inside, aim to panic the attacker in possible attacks. The success of the armored booths passing through the tests is satisfactory at this stage.

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