Milas Bodrum Airport HAVAS Bus Communication Office

Milas Bodrum Airport RAMP Office Building – Mugla, Turkey


Intended Use:  RAMP Planning Offices
Building Model:  Prefabricated Building
Number of Building:  Two storey 2 blocks
Total Lenght in Metres:  168 m2
Year of the Project:  2013
Completion Time:  12 days


We completed and delivered prefabricated office building to HAVAS offering ground services to airports at Turkey and world, for being used in ground services at the airport. The single-storey new generation prefabricated office building that has 168 square meters will serve as RAMP planning office. The prominent feature of RAMP office built in lux management office building concept is hidden roof with parapet implementation at its roof. There are team liables, rest room, archive room, wc and kitchen with the planning room in HAVAS Office Building.


There are so many organization at the ground services within the implementation called RAMP, from plane greeting and park service to loading and unloading, from aircarft cleaning to preventive measure for icing in adverse weather conditions and passenger and personnel transportation between a plane and station. RAMP office are at the central location of airport ground services.


Prefabricated Office is the Most Preferred Building Model in Airport Local Services

Prefabricated office produced with unwelded new generation building technologies is one of the most preferred building models. Installation of these innovator steel construction buildings can be made easily with nut and click-fit implementations without the need for heavy construction materials such as concrete. Installation of the office designed generally as close to apron inside the airport can be made without the need for extra processing by being fixed on the concrete floor at the airport.


Fast installation and budget advantages are among the significant factors in choice of prefabricated office buildings. For example, the 168 square meters ready office building within this project has been built in only 12 days. It has started to serve as soon as the project was completed. But it is not possible an installation at this speed, even the construction can last for months and years. Also prefabricated building system construction financing budget is very advantageous compared to other models.

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