Gabon Container Forest Management Checkpoints

Forest Management Field Offices, Gabon
 Porpuse of Use:  Field Offices at 34 different locations
 Construction Model:  New Generation Container
 Number of Buildings:  2 Storey
 Total Area:  1.134 m2
 Duration  13 days
 Project Year  2015


Karmod produced office container structures for the use of Rougier company, which provides services in forest management in Gabon, one of the Central West African countries. Container offices with a total of 54 units are located at the points where the company performs forest inspection and cutting services in forest areas throughout Gabon.


All of the structures we produced within the project were pre-manufactured with a fully demounted container model with a 3x7 meter sandwich panel system and sent to Gabon. Office container units installed in the capital Libreville were shipped to the target location by road transport and began to be used the same day in the locations where they were deployed.


Fully demounted container saves from shipping

With Karmod's new generation container model, fully assembled and pre-produced with bolted nut system, the fully disassembled container saves shipping freight with its suitability for bulk cargo transportation. Moreover, it has the advantage of offering at least 52 percent larger living container units compared to similar products. This superiority is provided by the production of Karmod office containers with seamless technology.


The use of welding in other building models has caused the necessity of limitation in ISO container sizes. In these buildings, the unit size cannot exceed 230x595, i.e. 13.7 square meters of living space, while the Karmod new generation container model has overcome this situation with a screw system and has gained at least 7.3 square meters of space. With this advantage, Karmod new generation living container; It has enabled the production of container office buildings up to 27, 36 or 48 square meters, with a minimum of 21 square meters.


The Rougier Company has an important role in the forest management industry in Africa. The company has been operating in the cutting and production of forest products in Gabon since 1952. Along with Gabon, Congo, Central Africa and Cameroon are among the countries where the company works in the forestry industry. Rougier Company, which operates in forest management in 2 million hectares of land in these countries, provides employment to approximately 1,200 employees. Within the company planning, forests are cut at regular intervals. The cut logs are processed in the lumber and plywood factory in the country and turned into products.

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