Forest Management Field Offices, Gabon

Forest Management Field Offices, Gabon

Forest Management Field Offices, Gabon

Made by: Rougier
Porpuse of Use: Field Offices
Number of Buildings: 54 Units
Construction Model: Full Demount 3x7 mt. New Generation Container
Total Footage: 1.134
Capacity: 216 people
Project year: 2015
Duration: 13 days

Karmod set up construction sites for Rougier, a forest operator in African countries.

Rougier, which operates a total of 2 million hectares of underground forest products in Africa, Gabon, Central Africa, Cameroon and the Congo, produced container site structures to be used at 34 different locations.

In the first stage of the projcet, Karmod manufactured and transported 54 units of demontaged construction buildings in Gabon, and they were sent to 34 different work sites in the country for use by Rougier. WC and shower units are also included in the construction buildings that are established to be used as offices and dormitories.

In the construction building project that we have done in Gabon, the first fully demonted container system in the world was produced and used. According to similar to the fully demounted container system, we have provided solutions for the transportation of life units larger than 7 square meters.

We made pre-production with completely screwed system up to the upper and lower chassis of the container. Our fully demountable products can be shipped easily even with the transportation of bulk cargo.

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