Affordable Housing Project in Algeria

Affordable Housing Project in Algeria

Algeria Hospital Houses Project - Bechar, Algeria 

Made by:  Contractor Company
Purpose of Use: Accommodation for Engineers and Project Managers
Number of Buildings: 28 Units
Construction Model: Prefabricated
Total Length: 2706
Project Year: 2017
Duration: 55 day

Karmod Prefabrik completed the installation of 28 dwellings in Algeria.

The Houses that were built in the Besar region, about 950 kilometers south of Algeria, will be used as lodging houses for engineers and managers to work on the construction of the hospital. These houses will continue to be used as guesthouses when the hospital project is completed.

The preliminary productions of the houses to be used as engineer and manager's lodgings were prepared as prefabricated at modern facilities in Tuzla Orhanlı and were shipped to Algeria by sea.

The Turkish prefabricated building sector is in a good position in the world thanks to its fast production technology, easy transportation possibility and short time installation advantages. As Karmod, in the 30th year, we accelerated our R & D and product development processes, which will further increase these advantages by evaluating the economic budget. The number of countries we have exported our products to has passed 100. Sustainable export is our most important goal. For this reason, we attach a special importance to increasing our product quality.

We delivered a total of 28 single-storey houses that will be used for luxury accommodation in algeria. The residental project consisting of 20 units of 79 square meter houses, 3 units of 92 square meter houses, and 5 units of 170 square meter houses was established in just 45 days. 

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