The new system, which is prepared with superior qualities in product development processes in the R & D of world brand Karmod, has an environmentally friendly feature. The ergonomics that provide comfort to the wearers and the aesthetic appearance of the place where it is placed are immediately recognized by numerous unique advantages. Karmod Security huts is the ideal building solution for multi-purpose indoor needs in different sizes from 2 m2 to 7 m2. Since all components of Karmod products are manufactured with the use of materials of international quality standards, there are no unexpected surprises.

The wall and roof panels of the security cabin are 40 mm thick Polyurethane sandwich panel system with eps filling and are the best in its class. The structure is characterized by maximum insulation and easy air conditioning. The use of electrical installations and materials is carried out according to the specified quality standards and does not leave doors open to risky situations. Current designs offered by renewed technologies are preferred in product luminaires. Water installation WC -Shower models are again the best choice for materials and fittings. Safety cabin, liaison office, WC Shower unit needs for your safe and quality product with Karmod security huts  make your choice easier.

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