Whether you were looking for a site office, food & beverage units, street food stands, meeting room, mess room, canteen, storage facility, clinic, classrooms then with our wide cabins you can get a closed area of up to 50 m². High Quality portable security cabin desings. Security has always been a vital need of human and it is an considerably important need

Information about portable cabins and accommodation units. Single cabin or as a modular cabin; Available sizes; Applications & uses; Panel system. According to customer’s preferences different applications and enhancements that can be considered such as curtains, shutters for windows , air conditioners, shelves in addition to different paint color options. Being manufactured from fiberglass reinforced polyester panels that are foam-filled, our cabins are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.

Join thousands of companies and people around the world who chose Karmod portable modular cabins and appreciated the difference.


Discover our unrivalled range of portable cabins.

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies is the world's leading manufacturer of portable and modular fiberglass. Established in 1986, the industry experts in tailor-made  cabins since 1986. Karmod portable cabins provide a safe and comfortable working environment, within any location around the world. Whether you are looking for a small security cabin, a ticket booth or a portable office, Karmod fiberglass cabins are your best solution. 


cabins or linked portable building complexes, our portable cabins fit a variety of requirements. If you need suitable space solutions at very short notice, Karmod is the right partner!


Karmod offers the highest quality portable cabins and modular fiberglass buildings for sale offering a choice of sizes and specifications that suit any application.


Portable cabins are stand-alone, completely self-contained buildings that are manufactured and fitted out in the factory. Karmod modular cabins for sale, are suitable from welfare and site cabins to fully functioning office cabins are delivered in both assembled or demounted way as a kit to be transported easily to the required site. The cabins are designed with “ready to use” features and can be relocatable and quickly installed once on site. Whether it's a mining, road construction, or exploration camp, a comfortable and safe workforce camp shows good faith to your customers, employees, and other stakeholders.


Modern, Robust, and Easy to Install Units

Karmod modular cabins are suitable for many purposes such as classrooms, offices, checkpoints, health centres, mobile Covid-19 test units, sales points, marketing suites, canteens, laboratories and secure storage, as well as toilets-showers and changing rooms.


We offer you new portable cabins on great terms. Karmod deploys an expert team offering full service from designing, production, assembly and delivery. Our portable cabins are available at any time and can be delivered to any corner of the world . We are also happy to take care of delivery and assembly.

Discover our full range of high-quality, self-contained portable buildings and portable cabins quickly manufactured and delivered for immediate use.


Individual, flexible and versatile: our Karmod cabins line is the quick space solution for any purpose. For example, a completely new portable office cabin will typically be ready for occupation up to 90% faster than a traditionally constructed unit, or a refurbished option can be ready up to 70% faster.


Portable Cabin and Security Gatehouse Manufacturer

Mobile living units manufacturer, Karmod, provides space solutions customised to all your needs within a very short time. Office extensions on conventional buildings are also possible with the flexible polyurethane sandwich panel system. All you need to do is  specify the required floor space and layout and we will deliver the right space solution for you.


Karmod has over 35 years experience in the development and manufacture of GRP multi-purpose portable cabins, security cabins, security gatehouses, car park kiosks, enclosures and waiting/payment shelters.


As Karmod, we are proud of the fact that our portable cabin units and kiosks are used by some of the biggest car park management, security companies and football clubs in the world. Our units can be seen in several bread sales points, gate posts, street food kiosks, car parks in both Turkey and worldwide.

We have a wide range of cabins to suit all kinds of uses. Our glass reinforced plastic GRP Portable cabins and kiosks can also be customised to meet individual clients specifications.


We have the right portable cabin for any requirement: With the Karmod cabins Line you get our all-rounder with a variety of equipment options and combinations. Discover the advantages of the modern Karmod cabins line, which meets the highest demands. No matter what your project entails, we can find the right solution.

Unique, modern and high-quality: our Karmod cabins line is your feel-good space solution.


Energy efficient Portable Units - High Quality Portable Cabins

Established in 1986, We are a leading factory based in Istanbul Turkey, producing modular buildings and units used as portable cabins, Offices, Accommodation, Dining hall, Kitchen, ablution, Classroom and so on. With a large expert team, we deploy a production capacity of hundreds of fiberglass cabins per month.

Our certifications such as CE, ISO, SGS, fire rating, wind load and structure certificates, are the living proof of quality, safety and energy efficient of our prefabricated modular units. Our ready to use portable cabin require no special tools, site preparations, or foundations, and no expert knowledge beyond general construction. Our solutions are relocatable, allowing you to take your portable cabin camp wherever you go. Karmod's portable cabin and shelters are built for exceptional performance and have been deployed on all seven continents, no matter how remote the location or harsh the climate.

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