Among our products are the work buildings, sales showrooms, public and municipality buildings, management centers, representative offices and many other buildings models can be found.

Types of Modular Office Buildings:

We’ll work with you to layout and design a custom-built prefab office buildings. There are many advantages to modular construction when compared to tradition stick-built  modular office. Some advantages are:

Construction Modular Offices


We Turn Your Business Areas Into Luxury Living Spaces

Business areas are the areas where most of the day, or even most of our lives pass. When considered from this point of view, it is very important that the business areas are healthy, durable, environmentally friendly and spacious. Whether it is permanent business areas or temporary business areas, Karmod modular office buildings offer you the best solution. Modular office complexes, which can be structures such as containers, prefabricated, can be produced in a very short time. Since they are produced in a factory environment, they are not affected by the site conditions. There is no extra cost outside of the plan. Since they have a portable feature, they can be transferred to other work areas very easily when their usage expires. They are mostly recyclable structures. When you choose Karmod portable office buildings, your damage to the environment is minimized. They can be single-storey or double-storey. 2 types of materials are used in building exterior and interior panel cladding.


These are materials with betopan press panel and sandwich panel system. At the same time, you will have fire-resistant structures thanks to the use of A1 class fireproof materials and materials with very low risk of burning in these structures. Our practical offices, which are prepared with a modular combination panel system, are prepared with full production in the factory and are also shipped to be assembled at the place of use with its modular feature when requested. The main units that make up the structure are manufactured with machine automation technology, by reflecting the details in the design plan in exactly the same dimensions, with a screwless production system without welding. The office designs prepared under the control of specialist architects and engineers in desired dimensions with a single or two storey have a strong as well as aesthetic structure. Office buildings, which have eye aesthetics when viewed from the outside, prepare ergonomic working environments with functional use and spacious spaces.


We have been a part of dozens of important projects all over the world for years with our latest technology production systems and more than 30 years of experience. You can examine our works in detail on our website. Karmod new generation system was used in the construction sites of the 3rd Airport of Istanbul. As Karmod, we are proud to have contributed to the completion of the giant project as soon as possible. In the construction site model, prefabricated office buildings and refectory buildings were used together with Karmod New Generation Container. The modular office complexes produced for the giant project have a usable capacity by 1200 employees. Karmod modular office buildings were used in the construction sites to be used in the construction phase of the Palestinian Museum, which will witness the recent history.


We also contribute to smaller workshops with large construction sites. We completed another prefab modular offices project for Switzerland. We complete modular production facility in Turkey in the pre-production work office container office within the buildings dismantled and delivered as we carry out on-site installation and we've delivered ready for use.


Ergonomically Designed Modular Commercial Office Buildings

The most preferred areas of prefabricated office buildings are construction sites and management offices. Modular prefab office space is used in medium and large construction sites, mostly in office-work areas. You can produce all the areas that may be needed in a construction site with portable office buildings. Dining hall, dormitory, laundry, safe cabin… In addition, it can be easily preferred in areas such as management center office, promotion office, construction site management office, branch office, health center, taxi stand. As Karmod, we produce ergonomic designed luxury office and management buildings. The preferred modular commercial office buildings in many areas have many advantages:

  • All costs are determined at the time of the contract and fixed.

  • It provides energy saving thanks to its strong thermal insulation.
  • Once installed, it can be dismantled and moved anywhere you want.
  • Construction time is both short and does not depend on climate and season.
  • It does not need any concrete other than subbasement (Ground Concrete). It can be used safely in all climatic conditions.
  • Shipping costs are low due to less and controllable shipments.
  • In practical ready-made buildings, the basic cost is low due to the lower total building weight.
  • Although the need for maintenance is almost non-existent, it can offer unlimited solutions for renewal and change needs, and the low cost and ease of all renovations and renovations provide many years of use.
  • It is produced in modular system. Almost all the productions can be applied with the amount determined in the project and with mechanical assembly, so the waste and loss of the material is almost nonexistent.


With modular office buildings, you can have a prefabricated office in very short time and at economical prices. Easily own prefabricated office buildings where you will start your business with Karmod quality in a short time and experience the difference of working in modern, healthy and durable offices.


Administrative & Management Offices

Security Offices

Dispatch Offices

Sales Centers

Engineering & Project Management Site Offices

Substation Offices

In-Plant Offices

Emergency Prefabricated Offices

Whether you want portable prefab office space for a few months or a custom-designed modular office building to permanently expand your business’ footprint, Karmod has the modular offices you need.

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