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We are Turkey and Europe’s leading producer of fiberglass cabins and retail kiosks. Established in 1986, Karmod delivers outstanding kiosks designed and manufactured to the specific needs of our unique customers.

A Range of Quality & Flexible portable modular Cabins & Kiosks : Karmod deploy a wide range of modular cabins and Kiosks. The modular units are portable and fully customisable, ideally suited for any purpose, in any location. Robust, secure and versatile, our fiberglass cabins offer flexible modular space solutions with each unit branded and customised to suit exactly all kinds of requirements.


Kiosk Manufacturer - Customized Solution for You

Karmod Prefabricated Technology design and manufacture modular portable cabins suitable for many applications, including security cabins, ticket booths, offices, retail and catering units and car parking booths. Our cabins and kiosks are widely preferred in entertainment venues, where they are used as ticket sales booths, programmes and merchandise or as betting booths and information centres. With their flexible functionality and superior branding option, the look and use of our kiosks are only limited by your imagination!


Ready to Use, Affordable, and Flexible Modular Space Solutions

Karmod is specialized in the design and manufacture of free standing kiosks. Our products are used all over the world by local authorities and private clients. We produce a wide range of high quality special kiosks, suitable for: sales offices, street food sales, drinks, tickets booths, parking lots, information points, flowers, advertising, newsagents, or even to act as a mini police station. The cabins are also used as a site office or a canteen area for your staff, with interchangeable wall panels, a variety of window & door combinations and a world of enhancements to suit your project needs.


Retail Kiosks: Our modular retail kiosks vary from simple models intended for outdoor sales to more articulate types featuring a walk-in space, storage space and ample display surfaces.

Catering Kiosks : Our catering kiosks provide catering facilities of high standard for a variety of businesses including cafés, food kiosks, wine bars and many more.

Indoor & Outdoor Market Kiosks : We specialise in the design and build of a range of sustainable, low-cost and high-quality kiosks for outdoor markets.

Special Projects: We specialise in the design and build of tailor-made kiosks including information and ticket booths, visitor centres, pavilions, toilet and shower blocks.

Flower Kiosks : We’ve designed a wide variety of flower kiosks to accommodate different requirements and site conditions. Optional components may include flower display stands, continuous-cycle irrigation systems and fridge cells.


Prefabricated Kiosk & Prefab Portable Ticket Booth Sales.

Looking for an outdoor sales space solution? Look no further! Karmod modular portable cabins are customized to fit all kinds of requirements. Karmod kiosks are available in many dimensions starting from 1.5x1.5 meters up to 2.7x.7.5 meters.  then the best solution to your needs is likely to be a prefabricated kiosk. One of the most important things that you need to consider when choosing an outdoor sales unit or ticket booth is its attractiveness structure that encourages customers to use it. Taking this into consideration, Karmod offers a number of well designed, branded and attractive prefabricated kiosks that can fit into a number of different situations, and can be customized to a high level in order to ensure that they meet your own particular corporate identity.


Shopping Centre Kiosks - Custom Built Kiosks

Security is a major factor that is vitally important for both staff and business. Get a well insulated karmod security cabin to ensure high performance from your security staff. When people are working in a kiosk, they are to a certain extent, exposed to the rest of the world, and may well be working on their own in an isolated area.  While it is impossible to offer anything that is completely safe in the form of a prefabricated kiosk, the range of products offered by Karmod  do feature a high standard of construction that produce greater levels of protection for staff when they are working, as well as being attractive and accessible. 

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